GoldenEye and The Fictional World of Archives

Feature Film Release Date (USA): November 17, 1995

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and a Russian Space Command heroine duke it out with the bad guys (and girls) in an archives.

The Russian Space Command General who is the chief villain, having murdered his own Defense Minister in front of Bond and the heroine, chases after the two when they escape his custody.

In the building in which they are held, Bond and the heroine find their way to an archives. The cry goes out from the evil General, "They're in the Archives!", and the chase is on.

The heroine is recaptured but Bond escapes through one of Q's ingenious mechanical tricks and crashes through a window, landing in a courtyard filled with military vehicles, including a tank.

The last we see of the building holding the Archives is Bond at the controls of a tank as it crashes through the courtyard wall in hot, clanking pursuit of the General and his hostage.

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