Vampires and The Fictional World of Archives

Feature Film Release Date (USA): October 30, 1998

James Woods stars as Jack Crow, Slayer of vampires, in this John Carpenter horror film that blames the Catholic Church for vampirism and mocks all other knowledge of vampire life. Early in the movie the character of Father Adam Guiteau (Tim Guinee) is introduced.

Following a successful raid on another vampire safehouse, Master vampire Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) single-handedly destroys nearly all of Crow's crew while they are carousing in a motel. Valek knows Crow's name, which he should not, since the Slayers' mission, funded by the Church, is top secret.

Crow visits Cardinal Alba (Maximilian Schell) for debriefing and an explanation. Another man is present at the meeting.

Crow: "Who's this?"
Alba: "Oh, this is Father Adam. Father Adam is in charge of our archives."

A slight, bearded man with glasses, Father Adam has a secret yearning to be a Slayer. Cardinal Alba sends him along to assist in the hunt for Valek and a secret cross that holds the key to Valek's unrelenting quest.

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