ANNOUNCEMENT - PPP internet access

*** Users may now register for our PPP (graphical) access.

  1. PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) is available to all registered users. There are a variety of plans available, each providing a certain number of hours per month -- see the PPP Fees page for details.

  2. PPP is a pay service, billed as a total cost per year. See the PPP Fees page for details.

  3. The above charge may be made by one single payment (preferred). Monthly payment plans (using post-dated cheques) are negotiable, but will cost slightly more than yearly payments.

  4. Accounts will be operational as soon as possible after payment is received (i.e. within 48 hours). Usually the same day...

  5. Use "dial-up networking" on a PC that has Windows 95 or 98.
    Windows 3.1 needs Trumpet Winsock.
    Macintosh - Mac TCP or OpenTransport PPP

  6. PPP will be activated on the same user ID. This new feature does not affect your e-mail or account usage for regular serial dial-up.
Software requirements for graphical access:
PPP connection software and a graphical browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer or for non-Windows DOS computers - Arachne.

You may also want other software tools such as a Telnet client, Eudora and a FTP client.

The above factors are inter-dependent. Don't be afraid to explore! Please contact the office with questions. Our volunteers do an excellent job assisting users to make things work.


  1. Access to accounts using a terminal dial-up program will not be affected. The time allowed on dial-up connections is set for 60, 90 or 120 minutes per login depending on the percent of users on line at login. All serial dial-up users (both PC and Macintosh) should be able to use Eudora to pick up e-mail.

  2. Receipts will be given to all users who sign up for PPP.

  3. The user is responsible should VTN incur bank charges from NSF cheques.

  4. At this time VTN is not required to pay GST. It may be required in the future, if so the GST cost will be added at that time.

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