>An Educator's Guide to E-Mail Lists      (Revised Aug. 29, 1993)
>     Finding e-mail lists is sometimes difficult for the novice, but
>once you've done so, though they are all excellent in their several ways,
>none seems quite satisfactory for the busy educator.  They are either too
>long, too brief in descriptions or confined to only one type of list.
>I've begun to arrange my own though it is another unsatisfactory
>compromise, as well as adding the risk of typos, categorical bloopers,etc.
>It's still in draft form but it might be helpful to some.  It's gotten
>long, too, now, but it's shorter than most and the headings help.
>     Lists change, come and go, so there's no guarantee any one list
>will still be available when you try it, even if the address and
>instructions given are correct.
>     Most of those below are Bitnet Listserv lists or follow the
>conventions established by Bitnet.  You send email addressed to
>           listserv@address     without a Subject, just the first
>line message of:   Subscribe listname Your-Name.
>     The one-word @..... addresses  following the listname and description
>below are almost all Bitnet addresses.  Those on Bitnet, need not
>include the   .bitnet   part of the address, but on our Internet
>system--and I suppose most others--you must end a bitnet address
>with   .bitnet   added in the way given below, as well as append "listserv"
>to the front end..(If the address does not begin with "@"; [for "at"],
>do not prepend "listserv" or append "bitnet", follow Example 2, below.)
>     EXAMPLE 1:  "ADLTED-L    Canadian adult education network @uregina1."
>Here you would send the subscribe message to:  listserv@uregina1  --if
>you were on bitnet, but to:  listserv@uregina1.bitnet   --if you are on
>Internet. First line of message: Subscribe Adlted-L (your 1st & last name)
>     You can tell a Bitnet address from an Internet address below by the
>period (".") after the "@address."; or by the fact that a U.S. Internet
>address always ends with ".edu", ".com", ".org", ".net" or some other
>3-letter combination.  Internet addresses in other countries always end
>in a 2-letter code, as ".ca" for Canada, ".uk" for United Kingdom, etc.
>     Remember, you always send all listserver commands like Subscribe and
>Unsubscribe to a listserver--never to the List itself.  Listservers, whatever
>they're called, are just computers programmed to automatically handle
>the details of subscribing, mailing, etc.  But some modify or don't follow
>the conventions for subscribing above or are still tended "by hand"!.
>    So instead you send an email message to an individual or to a -request
>address or just an address.  The addresses below usually indicate that
>and the message is usually the same required above, though you probably
>should add your exact email address as well...unless it bounces that way.
>     EXAMPLE 2:--
>"TRAVEL-ADVISORIES  distributed from U.S. State Dept.. -request@stolaf.edu";
>        here email to: travel-advisories-request@stolaf.edu     a message
>        like:  Subscribe Travel-Advisories  John Doe  Jdoe@blank.bb.UUU.edu
>        so that if the distribution mechanism is tended by hand, your email
>        address can be easily picked up.  This is NOT necessary for the
>        usual programmed listserv-type message described above, where your
>        email address is taken automatically from the "From: " line of your
>        header.  (See example of message for Bitnet LISTSERV and imitators
>        above.)
>     Example of the internet, but non-request type of address==
>        " SIS          Strategic Info. Systems for executive planning
>                mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk";
>        Address listserv-type subscribe message to:  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
>     Still another--
>        " GRAD-ADV   Advisors of undergrads on grad schools; grad catalog db.
>                archive@mento.acs.unc.edu";
>        Send listserv-type message to:  archive@mento.acs.unc.edu
>     Another Internet address example--
>        "CAIRNET   California Assn. for institutional research list. 
>        Send message to:  listserv@uci.edu   (No ".bitnet" suffixes
>     The following is only an arbitrary sample of the email lists that
>might be of interest to one or another group of educators, no doubt
>with some clinkers among them, arranged according to my own notions, mostly
>from the long file obtained by sending the email message:  List Global
>to:                   listserv@vm1.nodak.edu
>     If you have problems, questions or corrections, additions, email me at:
>                      pgsmith@educ.umass.edu
>     (Tip:  Some lists end in "-L", some don't, easily confused; if error
>      message denies there is such a list, drop "-L" or add.)
>     Instructions for FTP'ing updates of this file are appended at end.
>  Prescott Smith   -  Univ. of Mass/Amherst   -  pgsmith@educ.umass.edu
>     Ednet - a forum exploring the educational potential of the Internet
>   e-mail to:  Listserv@nic.umass.edu   1st line:  Sub Ednet (Your Name)
>   [Many of these email lists are also gated to Usenet Newsgroups which
>    might be more convenient if you have a feed and adequate newsreader.
>    Check particularly the "bitnet.listserv......  listings in Usenet.]
>Ed. - Adult
> ADLTED-L     Canadian adult education network @URegina1.
> AEDNET       Adult Education network.  @suvm.
> COLA-L       College on Location.  @ualtvm.
> CAUCE-PP     Canadian university Continuing Ed Policy.  @URegina1.
> CREAD        Latin America & Carribean distance education forum.  @yorkvm1.
> DEOS-L       American Center for Study of Distance Education.  @psuvm.
> DEOSNEWS     Distance Education On-Line Symposium.  @psuvm.
> DISRES-L     Distance education research list.  @ryerson.
> DISTED       On-line journal of distance ed and communication.  @uwavm.
> NIATRN-L     National Institute of Aging Trainees list.  @brownvm.
> PRISON-L     Teachers in prison programs list.  @dartcms1.
> TECHED-L     Employment training & literacy.  @psuvm.
> TESLIT-L     Adult education & literacy test literature.  @cunyvm.
> TRDEV        Training & development of human resources.  @psuvm.
>Ed. - Higher, Administrative
> ACUHOI-L     College & University Housing Officers Int'l.  @psuvm.
>.ADA-LAW      Americans with Disabilities Act Law discussion.  @ndsuvm1.
> AIR-L        Institutional Researchers/University Planners list.  @vtvm1.
> AJCUASD      AJCU Arts & Science Deans list.  @guvm.
> AJCUAVP      AJCU Academic Vice Presidents list.  @guvm.
> AJCUCOMM     AJCU Communications Committee list.  @guvm.
> AJCUNEWS     AJCU News for those not on the other lists.  @guvm.
> AJCUPRES     AJCU Presidents list.  @guvm.
> AMC          An Mngmnt Student Info. Systems.  @uafsysb.
> ARCLIST      Administrative Resource Center participants.  @uclacn1.
> BANNER-L     Student Information Systems discussion.  @wvnvm.
> CAIRNET      California Assn. for institutional research list.  @uci.edu
> CAMPCLIM     Campus Climate; educ, physical envir. on campus.  @uafsysb.
> CANDG-L      Contract And Grant representatives list.  @ucsfvm.
er education Chief Information Officers.  @wvnvm.
> COMP-CEN     Computer Center Managers' list.  @uccvma.
> CUFMA-L      College & University Facilities Management Assm/NYS.  @suvm
> CUMREC-L     Non-technical adminis. of univ. computer use.  @ndsuvm1.
> DASIG        Data Administrators list.  @suvm.
> DSSHE-L      Disabled Student Services in Higher Ed. admins. disc.  @ubvm.
> EASILIBXS   rccvm.
> EDUC-ECON    Economics and management of education.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> EIEI-L       Executive Information Systems Special Interest Group.  @utfsm.
> ERAPPA-L     Assn. of Physical Plant Administrators.  @psuvm.
> ERECS-L      Management & preservation of electronic records.  @albnyvm1.
> FACSER-L     Disc. of university physical facilities and services.  @wvnvm.
> FAMSTECH   nine State Universities of Florida. open.
>                to all.   fl-sus-request@acc.fau.edu
> FUNDLIST     Computer support of fundraising programs.  @jhuvm.
> GRAD-L       German Graduate Student List.  @ualtavm.
> GRADCOLL     Graduate College News.  @uvmvm.
> GRADREF      CAS Grad reference information.  @templevm.
> HDESK-L      Help Desk list.  @wvnvm.
> ICN          International  @mitvma.
> JANITORS     College & University Housekeeping Inf.....  @ukanvm.
> JOBPLACE     Job, career advisors, educators (no job listings).  @ukcc.
> LONG         Long Term Planning.  @miamiu.
> MUSEUM-L     Museum administration list.  @unmvm.
> NACC         Non-Profit Academic Centers Council disc..  @indycms.
> NACUBO       College & University Business Office......  @bitnic.
> NAEB> POD-L        Professional Organizational Development.  @tamvm1.
> PUBPOL-L     Public policy, admin., planning grad students, faculty. 
> PUBS-L       Publications Offices, educational & non-profit, disc.list.
>                @utkvm1.utk.edu
> RECMGMT      Education Records Management.  @suvm.
> REGISTRAR-L  Registrars & other records & registration list
>                Registra> SAFETY       Environmental health/safety campus
issues.  @uvmvm.
> SAO-L        Student Affairs Officers discussion.  @uhccvm.
> SCCIM        Scientific Computing & Collections Info. Management.  @sivm.
> SCUPNEWS     Society for College & University Planners digest.  @ucbcmsa.
> SIS          Strategic Info. Systems for executive planning, e-journal.
>                mailbase@mailbase.ac.uktems and similar uses.  @sjsuvm1.
> TQM-L        Total Quality Management in Higher Education.  @ukanvm.
> TQMEDU-L     TQM in education.  @humber.
> TRAVEL-ADVISORIES  distributed from U.S. State Dept.  -request@stolaf.edu
> UCEA-L       University Council for Educational Administration.  @psuvm.
> UCAIR        Univ. of Calif. analysts, institutional researchers.  @uci.edu
> URACC-L      Unigher, General Academic
> ABLE-L       Ability Journal discussion list.  @asuacad.
> ABILITY      The academically, artistically & athletically able.  @asuacad.
> ACADV        Forum for higher education academic advisors.  @ndsumvm1.
> AASCU-L      American Assn of State Colleges list.  @ubvm.
> AAUA-L       American Assn. of Universities list.  @ubvm.
> AFAM-L       African-American Rese refereed journal.  @vtvm1.
> COAACAD      SUNY COA Academic discussion list.  @ubvm.
> COMMCOLL     Community Colleges discussion list.  @ukcc.
> CTI-COMPLIT  Computer literacy in higher education.  @durham.ac.uk
> DEMING-L     The W. Edwards Deming Forum.  @uhccvm.
> GRAD-ADV     Advisors of undergrads on grad schools; grad catalog db.
>                archive@mento.acs.unc.edu
> HEDTEC-L National Collegiate Honors Council discussion.  @gwuvm.
> HOTEL-L      Hotel & Restaurant Educators discussion.  @mizzou1.
> HUMANIST     Int'l. disc. of computing issues in Humanities.  @brownvm.
> HUMSPC_L     Humanist Special list.  @brownvm.
> IBSCG        International Business School cooperation, contacts.  @miamiu.
> INDPHD-L     Dual Degree Programs discussion.  @ubvm.
> INTERDIS    Announcement list.  @Trearn.
> KYACAD-L     Kentucky Academic Computing discussion list.  @ulkyvm.
> L-OHACAD     OHECC Academic discussion list.  @Akronvm.
> MELLON-L     Fellows disc. continuing Bryn Mawr Conference.  @Yorkvm1.
> MGT-L        Management Department list.  @nmsuvm1
> MIT1966      M.I.T. Class of 1966 E-mail Network.  @mitvma.
> NAC          News Announcements Conferences po              email: 
> SEDIT-L      Scholarly Editing Forum.  @umdd.
> TRAVEL-ADVISORIES  distributed from U.S. State Dept.. -request@stolaf.edu
>Ed. - Higher, Research (see also subject areas)
> AFAM-L       African-American Research.  @umcvmb.
> ARACHNET     Disc. of 600+ electronic scholarly journals, etc.  @kentvm.
> CARR-L       Computer Assisted .
> ERL-L        Educational Research List.  @asuacad.
> FACINTL      International Funding Opportunities.  @psuvm.
> FINANCE      Electronic journal of finance.  @templevm.
> FRALL-L      ORDA research funding resources news list.  @ucsbvm.
> FULBNEWS     Fulbright Education Advisory Newsletter.  @brlncc.
> GLRC         Great Lakes Research Consortium.  @suvm.
> GRANT        Fulbright awar> HHI-RES      HHI Research Findings.  @utarlvm1.
> HEALTH-L     International discussion of Health Research.  @irlearn.
> INTUDM-L     Research into role of intuition in decision making..  @utepa.
> IRL-NET      List for research collaboration, contacts between
>                Ireland and everywhere else.  @irlearn.
> ITCOLLAB     Collaborative Study on Academic Information....  @harvarda.
f Health Grants & Contracts disc..  @ubvm.
> REACH        Research & Educational Applications of Computers.  @ucsbvm.
> RESEARCH     Extramural funding.  @templevm.
> SCHOLAR      On-line information for natural language study.  @cunyvm.
> UCRC-L       University Communications Research Committee.  @vtvm1.
> VPIEJ-L      Scholarly Electronic Journals disc. list.  @vtvm1.
>Ed. - Higher,@guvm.
> ACTNOW-L     College activism events database.  @brownvm.
> ARTIST-L     Student artists.  @uafsysb.
> ASA-L        African Students Assn. discussion list.  @Tamvm1.
> BRAS-NET     Brazilian Students Communications Net.  @pccvm.
> C-BOWL       College Bowl Teams & Officials.  @ricevm1.
> CAMPED-L     Campus Editors discussion group.  @uafsysb.
> CIGSG-L      Coalition of lesbian & dents list.  @rpitsvm.
> DJ-L         Campus radio disk jockey's list.  @ndsuvm1.
> DOCDIS       Forum on the "doc experience"; PhD lib. & Inf. Sci.  @ua1vm.
> ECONET       Environmental preservation, ecology workers list.  @igc.org
> FRANKLIN     Benjamin Franklin Scholars list.  @ndcsuvm.
> GRADNRSE     Practicing Nurses list on continuing education, issues. 
> GRDEMP-L     Grad Ss.
> GSO          Graduate Student Organization list.  @suvm.
> HUMGRAD      Graduate Students in the Humanities.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> IEEE-L       Electrical Engineering students list.  @bingvmb.
> IIESCNET     IIE Student Communication Network.  @asuacad.
> INT-ED       Education International students.  @msu.
> INTERNS      Summer CIT Humanities Interns discussion list.  @pucc.
> L Management Science Grad Students list.  @ubvm.
> PCORPS-L     Discussion list for International Volunteers.  @cmuvm.
> PEACE        Peace Studies.  @indycms.
> PHYS-STU     Physics Students discussion list.  @uwf.
> PSYCGRAD     Psychology grad student discussion list.  @uottawa.
> PSYCGRAD-J   Psychology grad journal, prof-level articles.  @uottawa.
> SBSWE-L      Society of Women Engineerexploration & development of
space.  @Tamvm1.
> SYSTERS      Professional women in comp. sci. including students
>                systers-request@decwrl.dec.com
> T-ASSIST     For College & University Teaching Assts., Int'l.  @unmvma
> UGRAD-FORUM  Interdisciplinary undergraduate forum on topics of concern.
>                ugrad-forum-request@yorku.ca
> UICMATH      UIC math majors list.  @, Teacher & Faculty Development,
> AAUFD-L      AAU Faculty Development Committee list.  @unbvm1.
> AERAMC-L     American Educational Research Assn. list.  @uafsysb.
> ALTLEARN     Alternative approaches to learning.  @sjuvm.
> ASHE-L       Assn. for Study of Higher Education, disc. of issues.  @umcvmb.
> ASSMNT-L     Assessment discussion list.  @ulkyvm.
> ASSESS       Assessment-CPS     Creativity & Creative Prob. Solving in
Educ.  @nic.surfnet.nl
> CURRICUL     Curriculum development issues, Higher Ed-K12. 
> DTS-L        Dead teachers' society discussion list.  @iubvm.
> EDINFO-L     Education information conference.  @iubvm.
> EDPOLYAN     Education Policy Analysis disc. list.  @asuacad.
> EDPOLYAR     Educ.Policy Analysis Archives, an electronie.ac.uk
> ERL-L        Education Research List.  @asuacad.
> FOCUS-L      Focus on Instruction: Teaching/Learning at SUNY ESF.  @suvm
> HOLMES       Holmes Education School Reform.  @ohstvma.
> HOLMESGP     Holmes Education School Reform.  @msu.
> MARINE-L     Disc. of Semester-at-sea/education at sea.  @uoguelph.
> NEWEDU-L     Exploration of the way we educate, K thru post-grad.  @uscvm.
AGET-L     Cognitive, structural development & knowledge.  @nic.umass.edu
> PSATC        Problem Solving Across the Curriculum.  @ubvm.
> SIG-TEA      Teaching Education Administration for profs. & students of
>                Educational Admin.   @UKCC.UKY.EDU
> SIREN        Swedish Initiative for Research & Education.  @searn.
> SMKCC-L      Subject Matter, Knowledge & Conceptual Change.  @ STLHE-L  
   Society of Teaching a
nd Learning in Higher Education,.  @unbvm1.
> SUNYEC-L     SUNY education communications centers.  @Bingvmb.
> T-ASSIST     For College & University Teaching Assts., Int'l.  @unmvma
> TEACHEFT     Teaching Effectiveness list.  @wcu.
> WVUBOT       Bd of Trustees Initiatives on Instructional....  @wvnvm.
> XCULTINS     Effects of Culture on Instructional Desih Carolina Science
& Math Alliance.  @ncsuvm
> AATFREN      American Assn. of Teachers of French.  @bitnic.
> AATG         American Assn. of Teachers of German.  @indycms.
> BIOCIS-L     Biology Curriculum Innovation Study list.  @sivm.
> BIOPI-L      Secondary Biology teacher enhancement.  @ksuvm.
> CHEMED-L     Chemistry education discussion list.  @uwf.
> CIVIL-L      Civil Engineering Research & Education.  @unbvm1.
> CRE8TV-L     Teaching Creative Problem Solving to Engineers.  @psuvm.
> CREWRT       Creative writing pedagogy for teachers, student.  @umcvmb.
> ECONED-L     Research in Economics education.  @UTDallas.
> ECONHIST     Teaching & Research in Economic History disc.  @miamiu.
> EDLAW        Law & Education.  @ukcc.
> EDSTAT-L     Statistics education discussion list.  @ncsuvm.
> EDUMATE      Educacion Matematica en Chile.  @usaehvm1.
> GENE-L       Genetics education list.  @ksuvm.
> GEOGED       Education issues in Geography.  @ukcc.uky.edu
> H-TEACH      Teaching history.  @uicvm.
> HISTORY-TEACHING  instructional issues, techniques.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> IDFORUM      Global industrial design education, research.  @yorkvm1.
> ISPS         Teachers International Study Program in Statistics.  @BLEKUL11.
> JTE-L        Journal of Technology Education (refereed).  @vtvm1.
> MBA-L        MBA student curriculum issues, programs.  @marist.
> MUSIC-ED     music education.  @uminn1.
> NBEA-L       National Business Education Assn. list.  @akronvm.
> NDDDESIGN    Graphic & industrial design education.  @irishvma.
> OBTS-L       Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.  @bucknell.edu
> PANET-L      Medical education and health information list.  @yalevm.
> PSRT-L       Political science research & teaching.  @umcvmv.
> SCIMAT-L     Science and Math education at Arkansas.  @uafsysd.
> SIG-TEA      Teaching Education Administration for profs. & students of
>                Educational Admin.   @UKCC.UKY.EDU
> SLART-L      Second Language Acquisition Research & Teaching.  @psuvm.
> SPCEDS-L     Special education students list - Suny/Buffalo .  @ubvm.
> SUSIG        Discussion on teaching in the Math.  @miamiu.
> T321-L       Teaching Science in Elementary Schools.  @mizzou1.
> TCH-ECON     Teaching of Economics in Higher Education.
>                tch-econ-request@vax1.elon.edu
> TESL-L       Teaching English as a second language.  @cunyvm.
> TESLFF-L     Fluency First and Whole Language list.  @cunyvm.
> TIPS         Teaching in the psychological sciences.  @fre.fsu.umd.edu
> TQMEDU-L     TQM in education.  @humber.
> WAC-L        Writing Across the Curriculum, Ctr for Wrtg.  @uiucvmd
> WORLD-L      Teaching method & theory of a scientific &
>                non-Eurocentric world history.  @ubvm.
>Ed. - Higher, Teacher & Faculty Development -- Media
> 3D-L         3D Photography.  @arizvm1.
> ACSOFT-L     All aspects of academic software development.  @wuvmd.
> ADVISE-L     User services staff, advisors, consultants list.  @uga.
> AESRG-L      Applied Expert Systems Research Group list.  @umcvmb.
> AGEN-KS      ASAE Knowledge Systems disc. list.  @rutvm1.
> AI-ED        Educational applications of artificial intelligence
>                AI-Ed-request@Sun.com
> AILIST       A.I. discussion list.  @db0tu11.
> AHC-L        Assn. for history & computing.  @dgogwdg1.
> APLEDL-L     APL in Education.  @unbvm1.
> ARACHNET     Disc. of 600+ electronic scholarly journals, etc.  @kentvm.
> CALLCD       Computer assisted language learning.  @siucvmb.
> CARET        Capitol Area Research in Educational Technology.  @gwuvm.
> CBEHIGH      Computer Based Education in Higher Ed.  @blekul11.
> CDROM-L      CD-ROM discussion list.  @uccvma.
> CDROMLAN     Use of CD-ROM in LAN environment.  @idbsu.
> CETH         Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities.  @pucc.
> CGE          Computer Graphics Education.  @marist.
> CHUG-L       Brown Univ. Computing in the Humanities.  @brownvm.
> CMC          Computer Mediated Conferencing in education.  @rpitsvm.
> CNEDUC-L     Computer Networking Education discussion list. @unbvm1.
> CNI-BIGIDEAS Coalition for Networked Information projects of
>                ARL, CAUSE, & Educom.  @cni.org
> COCAMED      Computers in Canadian Medical Education.  @utoronto.
> COGSCI-L     Cognitive Science discussion group.  @McGill1.
> COLNEWS      Commonwealth of Learning distance education coordg.
>                Colnews-request@unixg.ubc.ca
> COMLAW-L     Computers & Legal Education.  @ualtavm.
> COMMUNET     Community, civic and free net operation, planning.  @uvmvm.
> COMPUMED     Computers in Medicine & Medicine Curriculum.  @
> COSNDISC     Consortium for School Networking discussion.  @bitnic.
> CTI-COMPLIT  Computer literacy in Higher Education.  @durham.ac.uk
> CTI-L        Issues in Teaching using computers.  @irlearn.
> CUPLE-L      Physics learning environment software.  @ubvm.
> CYBSYS-L     Cybernetics and systems.  @bingvmb.
> DEOS-L       American Center for Study of Distance Education.  @psuvm.
> DEOSNEWS     Distance Education On-Line Symposium.  @psuvm.
> DISRES-L     Distance education research list.  @ryerson.
> DISTED       On-line journal of distance ed and communication.  @uwavm.
> E-COURSE     E-Mail Course Planning Conference.  @wmvm1.
> EDISTA       Educacion a Distancia.  @usachvm1.
> EDNET        University-K12 educators exploring the Internet. 
> EDNETNY      Educational Development Network of NY.  @suvm.
> EDTECH       Educational Technology.  @ohstvma.
> EDUCAI-L     Educational applications of A.I..  @wvnvm.
> EDUCOM-W     Disc. of technology and education issues of
>                interest to women.  @bitnic.
> EDUPAGE      Information technology newsletter.  @bitnic.
> EDUSIG-L     DEC computers & education.  @ubvm.
> EDUTEL       Education and information technologies.  @rpitsvm.
> EJVC-L       Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture in hi-K12 educ.  @kentvm
> ENGLMU-L     CMC in instruction/research of English, writing,
>                lit.  @mizzou1..  @umcvmb.
> ERUDITIO     Knowledge through electronic communication.  @asuacad.
> ETDIR-L      Educational Technology Research & Development.  @ubvm.
> EUITLIST     Educational uses of information technology (Educom).  @bitnic.
> FACT-L       SUNY Faculty Access to Computer Technology.  @ubvm.
> FORSUM-L     NW Forest ecology for Univ-K12, linked to Schlnet, FrED-Mail,
>                Learning-Link, graded lesson plans.  @brownvm.
> GIF-L        GIF Graphic & applications list.  @itesmvf1.
> GTRTI-L      Research & Teaching in Global Info. Technology.  @gsuvm1.
> HCFNET       Humanities Computer Facilities Network.  @ucsbvm.
> HEDTEC-L     Impact of technology on Higher Ed. NY Regents study.  albnyvm1.
> HYPER93      Integrated Technologies/Hypermedia Conference.  @indycms.
> HYPERCRD     Hypercard discussion list.  @msu.
> HYPERMED     Biomedical hypermedia instructional design.  @umab.
> I-VIDTEK     Video technology discussion list.  @uiucvmd.
> IAAMEDIA     Compatibilititems on instructional technology, Institute for
>                Academic Technology--IBM/UNC.  @gibbs.oit.unc.edu
> INSTEC-L     Instructional Technology Advisory Committee list.  @utkvm1.
> INTECH-L     Instructional Technology discussion.  @ulkyvm.
> IPCT-L       Interpersonal Computing & Technology forum for
>                pedagogical issues in higher education.  @guvm.
> IUMMEDIA        Language learning & technology.  @Dartcms1.
> LM_NET       School library/media services.  @suvm.
> MBU-L        Megabyte Univ.--computers & writing.  @ttuvm1.
> MEDIA-L      For media service professionals.  @bingvmb.
> MIT-TV-L     M.I.T. Cable TV Schedule.  @mitvma.
> MMEDIA       Disc. of all types of multimedia.  @vmtecmex.
> MMEDIA-L     Univ. of Ottawa Multimedia disc..  @uottawa.om all over by
net scout
>                   extraordinaire, Gleason Sackmann.  @is.internic.net
> NET-RESOURCES InterNIC Info. Services new-resources list.  @is.internic.net
> NETTRAIN     For trainers in network access.  @cornell.edu
> NIS          Net Information Services announcements digest.  @cerf.net
> NREN-DISCUSS Public policy issues - National Research & Education
>                opean Community Simulations.  @ubvm
> OPVC-L       Office of data & video communications.  @uncvm1.
> PAGEMAKR     Pagemaker Desktop publishing list.  @indycms.
> PERSEUS      Multimedia resource of art, text & archaoelogical mat'ls.
>                from ancient Greek world for teaching and research. 
> PHOTO-L      All aspects of photography.  @buacca.
> PUBRADIO     Public RadioEDU-L     Simulated applications in business
education.  @nmsuvm1.
> TECHNET      Technical Support for education, research staff.  @uottawa.
> TESLCA-L     Computer assisted language learning.  @cunyvm.
> TRAIN-L      College & University Computer Trainers list.  @brownvm.
> TYPO-L       Discussion of typography, type & ......  @irlearn.
> US-WG        IETF User Services Network Training Matl worlds (gated from
Usenet's sci.virtual).
> VISION-LIST  Expert systems & vision.  vision-list-request@ads.com
> VPIEJ-L      Scholarly Electronic Journals disc. list.  @vtvm1.
> WCETALL      WICHE  Western Cooperative for Educ'l Telecommnctns.  @unmvma.
> XCULTINS     Effects of Culture on Instructional Design.  @unmvma.
>Ed. - International related
> AFRICA-L     Forum Ps.  @pucc.
> ARAB-PRESS   Unedited quotes from all over Arab/Muslim world.
>                @jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il
> ARGENTINA    General disc. & info about Argentina.  @ois.db.toronto.edu
> BALT-L       Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia info list.  @ubvm.
> BALZAC-L     French culture.  balzac-l-request@cc.umontreal.ca
> BERITA-L     Malaysia, Singapore, Islam-related news.  @uiucvmd.
> BORIKRegion
>                carribean-economy-request@vela.acs.oakland.edu
> CASID-L      Canadian Assn for Study of Int'l Development.  @McGill1.
> CASTOR       American Schools of Oriental Research in Canada.  @yorkvm1.
> CCMAN-L      Canadian Chinese Magazine.  @uga.
> CENTAM-L     Central America discussion list.  @ubvm.
> CERRO-L      Regional Development.  @aearn.
> CH-LADB      Latin Amen of Chilean Network discussion.  @uchcecvm.
> CHINA        China Studies.  @pucc.
> CHINA-N      China News network.  @asuacad.
> CHINA-N      China-net.  @uga.
> CHINANET     Networking in China.  @tamvm1.
> COLUMBIA     News & information about Columbia.  @cernvm.
> COMDEV       Communication & International Development.  @rpitsvm.
> CNDPSU-L     China News Digest.  @psuvm.
> CREAD           European Community.  @indycms.
> ECONOMY      Analysis of less developed countries economies.  @tecmtyvm.
> ECUADOR      General discussion & info about Ecuador.  @ners6k1.ncsu.edu
> ERMIS        Greek discussion list.  @vlsi.bu.edu
> ESPORA-L     Spain/Portugal history.  @ukanvm.
> EUEARN-L     Discussion of Eastern European topics.  @ubvm.
> FULBNEWS     Fulbright Education Advisory iculum.  @uriacc.uri.edu
> GEOGRAPHY    Geographic information & issues.  @finhutc.
> GER-RUS      Germans from Russia list.  @ndsuvm1.
> GIS-L        Geographic information systems list.  @ubvm.
> GLOBALED     Global Classroom.  @unmvm.
> GNET         Computer communication in developing countries ("Net access
>                is better in many '3rd World' schools than in South Central
>   Latin Amerl, replaces NUPES-L.  @brusvpm
> HISTORY-VASCO  15th-16th Portuguese history.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HOSPEX       Hospitality exchange database (homestays).  @plearn.
> HOSPEX-L     Hospitality exchange discussion list.  @plearn.
> HRD-L        Human Resources Development list.  @umcvmb.
> HRIS-L       Human Resources Information (Canada).  @ualtavm.
> HUMAN-NETS   Worldnet.    International Center.  @unmvma.
> INHEALTH     International health communications issues.  @rpitsvm.
> INDIA        India and regional issues.  @pccvm.
> INDIA-L      India (gated from Usenet's soc.culture.Indian).  @utarlvm1.
> INDIA-L      Disc. of Indian sub-continent.  @templevm..  @ukcc.
> INET92WD     INET 92 Workshop for Developing Countries.  @icnucevm.
> INT-DEV-L    Educator's FFPAS      International Studies Assn FPAS.... 
> JAPAN        Info-Japan.  @finhutc.
> JAPAN-L      Disc. of everything Japanese except language.  @mitvma.
> JEP-BB       Networking for Universities in Central Slovakia.  @csearn.
> JPINFO-L     Information list about Japan.  @pnsut00.
> JUDAICA      Jewish & Near Eastern Studies.  @uminn1.
> L-CHA        Canadian Historical Associa        Soc.culture.china, gated
from Usenet.  @cmuccvma.
> MCLR-L       Latino research.  @msu.
> MEX-ENPG     Bulletin Board for Student Exchange Mexico-S.....  @unamvm1.
> MEXICO-L     Knowledge of Mexico:  people, places, culture.  @tecmtyvm.
> MIDEUR-L     Discussion of Middle Europe topics.  @ubvm.
> MISG-L       Malaysian Islamic Study Group.  @psuvm.
> MSA-L        Muslim Student Assussing Pacific Ocean & Islands.  @brufpb.
> PAKISTAN     Pakistan News Service.  @psuvm.
> PBDLIST      Indonesian Development Studies.  @suvm.
> PCBR-L       Pacific Business Researchers Forum.  @uhccvm.
> PCORPS-L     Discussion list for International Volunteers.  @cmuvm.
> PERMIKA      Indonesian group - Montreal.  @mcgill1.
> POLAND       Polish news bulletins.  @ndcvx.cc.nd.edu
> REDAL  Russia and her neighbors.  @indycms.
> SEANET=L     Southeast Asian Studies.  @nsuvm.
> SEASIA-L     South East Asia.  @msu.
> SCS-L        Soc.culture.soviet (Usenet list via email).  @indycms.
> SIIN-L       Small Islands Information International.  @unbvm1.
> SIRIAC-L     Academic & Sci list from Univ. de Pto. Rico.  @enlace.
> SLOVAK-L     Discussion of Slovak issues.  @ubvm.
> SM-LADn list.  @msu.
> TUNINFO      Tunisian Information Office, Wash. D.C.  @psuvm.
> TUNISNET     The Tunisian Network.  @psuvm.
> TWUNIV-L     Chinese Scholars & Students discussion list.  @twnmoe10.
> UN           United Nations.  @indycms.
> UP-LADB      Latin America database.  @unmvm.
> URUGUAY      Gen. list, culture, politics, exchange.  @ir.stanford.edu
> USCINT-L     USC Office of Inteernational Intercultural Newsletter.  @psuvm.
> XCULT-X      Intercultural Communications Student Practicum .  @umrvmb.
> XCULTINS     Effects of Culture on Instructional Design.  @unmvma.
>        [If you have access to Usenet by newsreader as we do at Umass,
>      there are soc.cultural.______  newsgroups available for
>      many more countries, usually in English, but often including
chools list.  @brownvm.
> CHATBACK     Planning forum for Chatback UK & International
>                education nets for disabled children.  @sjuvm.
> COSNDISC     Consortium for School Networking discussion.  @bitnic.
> CPI-L        College Preparatory Initiative list.  @cunyvm.
> CSRNOT-L     Center for the Study of Reading List.  @uiucvmd.
> CURRICUL     Curriculum development issues, Hi-L      Early Childhood
Education on Line disc., pr
ojects.  @maine.
> ELED-L       Elementary Education list.  @ksuvm.
> EJVC-L       Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture in hi-K12 educ.  @kentvm
> FORSUM-L     NW Forest ecology for Univ-K12, linked to Schlnet, FrED-Mail,
>                Learning-Link, graded lesson plans.  @brownvm.
> GEODES.      ?   @ubvm.
> GRAVITY      Gravity topics                
> ISN-WG       IETF WG on Internet School Networking.  @ulkyvm.
> K12          Reforming Mass.educ. system.  k12-request@world.std.com
> K12ADMIN     K12 Educators interested in educational administration.  @suvm.
> K12STCTE     Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Office...  @bitnic.
> KIDCAFE      Youth dialog.  @ndsuvm1.
> KIDCAFEP     scussion list.  @bingvmb
> KIDPLAN      Kidlink planning.  @ndsuvm1.
> KIDPLAN2     Kidlink workgroup.  @ndsuvm1.
> KIDPROJ      Special kidlink projects.  @ndsuvm1.
> KIDS         The kids part of Kidsphere.  joinkids@pittvms.
> KIDS-92      Global dialog between 10-15-year-olds.  @ndsuvm1.
> KIDS-93      Global dialog between 10-15-year-olds.  @ndsuvm1.
> KIDS-ACT     What can I do now?. g interests & issues.  @asuacad.
> KINDEX       Kidlink Subject Summaries.  @ndsuvm1.
> KINDEXW      Weekly Kidlink Subject Summaries.  @ndsuvm1.
> LDTEACHR     Networking lead teachers.  @psuvm.
> LIBER        Library/media services.  @uvmvm.
> LM_NET       School library/media services.  @suvm.
> MSPROJ       Annenberg/CPB Math-Science Project.  @msu.
> MULTI-L      Language & education is.  @psuvm.
> PUBYAC       Children & young adult library services list.  @lis.pitt.edu
> SCHOOL-L     Primary & post-primary schools list.  @irlearn.
> ST-AUDIT     Spacetime topics for  (audit list).  @uwf.
> SUSIG        Discussion on teaching in the Math.  @miamiu.
> T321-L       Teaching Science in Elementary Schools.  @mizzou1.
> TAG-L        Disc. about ed. for talented and gifted chi
                                                          > TESL-L      
Teaching English as a seco
nd language.  @cunyvm.
> TESLEC-L     Electronic commumication & pen pals.  @cunyvm.
> TESLFF-L     Fluency First and Whole Langauage list.  @cunyvm.
> TQMEDU-L     TQM in education.  @humber.
> TRIO         Trio Program educators.  @ndsuvm1.
> UKERA-L      Dialog on educational reform.  @ukcc.
> VT-HSNET     VT K-12 School Network.  @vtvm1.
> YOUTHNET     Youth net.  @indycms.
>   (Not a list but K12 research questions will be answered by addressing
>     them via email to    ASKERIC@ericir.syr.edu
>     See also gopher access, below.)
>   Sophisticated BBSs and gophers include:
>     COSNDISC   Gopher features an Internet training classroom and more
>                  telnet:  digital.cosn.org
>     EMPIRE INTERNET SCHOOLHOUSE  K12 resources.  telnet:  nysernet.org
>     ERIC       Gopher loaded with educational resources.
>                  telnet:  ericir.syr.edu
>     K12UMASS   Umass gopher for K12 education links state nets, campuses,
>                  provides limited Internet, Usenet access as well as K12
>                  lists, subjects, etc.  telnet:  k12.ucs.umass.edu
>     SENDIT     K12-Higher Education teacher-student bulletin board, 70
>                  forums, library access, more.  telnet to:  Sendit.Nodak.Edu
>                  login:  bbs     Password:  sendit2me   (case important)
>     SPACEMET   Science databases, files, lessonplans, NASA, physics, math,
>                  biology, etc.  telnet to:  spacemet.phast.umass.edu
>                  Tap return key to get "Maximus" menu
>Ed. - Multi-Cultural & Related
> AFROAM-L     Critical Issues in African American life & ....  @harvarda.
> AFAM-L       African-American Research.  @umcvmb.
> AFAS-L       African American Studies & Librarianship.  @kentvm.
> ASA-L        African Students Assn. discussion list.  @Tamvm1.
> BIACT-L      Bi-sexual activists discussion list.  @Brownvm.
> BIFEM-D      Bi-sexual women's digest.  @Brownvm.
> BIFEM-L      Bi-sexual women's discussion list.  @Brownvm.
> BISEXU-D     Bi-sexual digest.  @brownvm.
> BISEXU-L     Bi-sexual discussion list.  @Brownvm.
> BUDDHA-L     Buddhism discussion list.  @ulkyvm.
> CIGSG-L      Coalition of lesbian & gay student groups.  @ricevm1.
> DTEAM-L      Diversity Team discussion list.  @vtvm1.
> DIVERS-L     Diversity list.  @psuvm.
> DIVERSE      Diversity in development.  @msu.
> GAY-LIBN     Gay/lesbian/bisexual librarians network.  @uscvm.
> GEGSTAFF     Gay/lesibin/bi geographers topics relating to gender &
>                sexuality in geography.  @ukcc.uky.edu
> GLB-NEWS     Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual News list.  @brownvm.
> H-ETHNIC     Ethnicity, immigration history.  @uicvm.
> HRD-L        Human Resources Development list.  @umcmvb.
> INTERCUL     Study of Intercultural Communication.  @rpitsvm.
> JEM          Jewish electronic mail conference.  @mitvmh.
> MCLR-L       Midwest Consortium for Latino Research in U.S..  @msu.
> MINHLTH      Minority Health Issues in the U.S.  @dawn.hampshire.edu
> MINCON       Minority Recruitment & Retention Conference.  @ukcc.
> MULTI-L      Minority language & educ. in multi-lingual settings.  @barilvm.
> NAT-CHAT     Issues pertaining to aboriginal people.  @tamuvm1.
> NAT-EDU      Educational issues pertaining to aboriginal peoples.  @indycms.
> NAT-1492     Native-L Columbus Quincentenary mailing list.  @tamvm1.
> NATIVE-L     Issues pertaining to aboriginal peoples.  @tamvm1.
> NATIVENET    Indigenous peoples of the world net.  gst@gnosys.svle.ma.us
> NIPRI        National Indian Policy Research Institute.  @gwuvm.
> ORTRAD-L     Interdisciplinary studies of oral traditions, African,
>                Hispanic, Native American.  @mizzou1
> PER-L        Project on Ethnic Relations.  @plearn.
> POLAND-L     Culture of Poland & Polish Americans.  @ubvm.
> TESL-L       Teaching English as a second language.  @cunyvm.
> TESLIC-L     Intercultural communication sublist.  @cunyvm.
> TESLIE-L     Intensive English program.  @cunyvm.
> WORLD-L      Teaching method & theory of a scientific &
>                non-Eurocentric world history.  @ubvm.
> XCULT-X      Intercultural Communications Practicum, global village. 
>    [Though not e-mail lists, if you have Telnet or the IBM equi-
>     valent, TN****, you can access MOLIS--Minority Online Information
>     Servicem, and FEDIX--info on scholarships, minority assistance..
>          Telnet fedix.fie.com    and login as: molis, or fedix; password:
>             your e-mail address]
>    [For International Language Study, see "Language - International" below]
>Ed. - Special
>.ADA-LAW      Americans with Disabilities Act Law discussion.  @ndsuvm1.
> ALTLEARN     Alternative approaches to learning.  @sjuvm.
> ASLING-L     American Sign Language list.  @yalevm.
> AUTISM       SJU autism and developmental disabilities.  @sjuvm.
> AXSLIB-L     Issues of disabled access to libraries.  @rbanks@uwstout.
> BEHAVIOR     Behavioral & emotional disorders in children.  @asuacad.
> BLIND-L      Computer use by and for the blind.  @uafsysb.
> BLINDNWS     Blind News Digest.  @ndsuvm1.
> BRAILLE      Discussion list for blind in Czech. & England.  @searn
> CDMAJOR      Communication Disorder discussion list.  @kentvm.
> CHATBACK     Planning forum for Chatback UK & Int'l; educational
>                net for disabled children.  @sjuvm.
> COMMDIS      Speech disorders.  @rpitsvm.
> DDFIND-L     Forum for networking on disabilities.  @gitvm1.
> DEAF-L       Deaf list.  @siucvmb.
> DISRES-L     Disability research list.  @ryerson.
> DSSHE-L      Disabled Student Services in Higher Ed. admins. disc.  @ubvm.
> EASILIBXS    Equal Access to Software & Information for disabled.
>                email:  easi@um.cc.umich.edu
> ETEXT        Electronic text formatting for the disabled.
>                email:  easi@um.cc.umich.edu
> EYEMOV-L     Eye Movement network.  @spcvxa.
> L-HCAP       Handicapped people in education.  @ndsuvm1.
> MOBILITY     SJU mobility disabilities list.  @sjuvm.
> SCR-L        Study of cognitive rehabilitation.  @mizzou1.
> SPCEDS-L     Special education students list - Suny/Buffalo .  @ubvm.
> STUT-HLP     Support list for stutterers and their families.  @bgu.edu
> STUTT-L      Stuttering Research & clinical practice.  @templevm.
> TALKBACK     Kl artists critical discourse.  @yorkvm1.
> ARTMGT-L     Arts Management discussion group.  @bingvmb.
> ARTNET       Artists alliance.  @newcastle.ac.uk
> ART-SUPPORT  Art community in United Kingdom.  mailbase@newcastle.ac.uk
> ARTIST-L     Student artists.  @uafsysb.
> BGRASS-L     International Bluegrass Music Assn..  @ukcc.
> BRASS        Brass musical instruments.  @dinorah.wustl.edu
> l forms of cinema.  @auvm.
> CLASSM-L     Classical music.  @brownvm.
> CLAYART      Ceramic arts/pottery.  @ukcc.
> COMEDIA      Discussion of Hispanic Classic Theater.  @arizvm1.
> CREA-CPS     Creativity & Problem Solving in educ.  @nic.surfnet.nl
> DANCE-L      International folk and Traditional dance.  @hearn.
> DLDG-L       Dance Librarians Discussion Group.  @iubvm.
> DESIGN-L     Bap.mx
> ETHMUS-L     EthnoForum-a global ethnomusicology forum.  @umdd.
> FACXCH-L     Forum for faculty in art, architecture and design.  @psuvm.
> FILM-L       Film making & reviews.  @vmtecmex.
> FINE-ART     Fine Art forum.  @rutvm1.
> FINEART      Artists, scientists on computer use.  @ecs.umass.csnet
> FOLK_MUSIC   Folk music list.  Sub_Folk@lpl.org
> FRAC-L       Computer generation onster Fuller's work and philosophy. 
> GRAPH-L      Yale graphics.  @yalevm.
> GRAPHICS     OSU computer graphics.  @ohstvma.
> GRAPHIX      Computer graphics hardware, software, files.  @utfsm.
> IDFORUM      Global industrial design education, research.  @yorkvm1.
> L-ARTECH     Les Artes et les nouvelles technologies.  @uqam.
> MUSIC-ED     music education.  @uminn1.
> MUSIC-RESEA  Medieval performing arts.  @iubvm.
> PERFORM-L    Modern performance.  @acfcluster.nyu.edu
> PROSODY      Prosody discussion list.  @msu.
> SAVOYNET     Gilbert & Sullivan works, productions, related discussiion.
>                @cescc.bridgewater.edu
> SCREEN-L     Film & TV studies.  @ua1vm.
> STAGECRAFT   Stagecraft.  stagecraft-request@jaguar.cs.utah.edu
> STUXCH-L     Art, architect>Computer
> ACM-L        Assn. for Computing Machinery list.  @kentvm.
> AHC-L        Assn. for History & Computing.  @dgogwdg1.
> AIL-L        Artificial Intelligence & Law.  @austin.onu.edu
> ANN-LOTS     Annotated Lists-of-Things, top-level guides.  @vm1.nodak.edu
> APL-ERS      UCD APL interest group.  @irlearn.
> APLEDL-L     APL in Education.  @unbvm1.
> ARACHNET     Disc. of 600+      Center for Electronic Texts in the
Humanities.  @pucc.
> CNI-BIGIDEAS Coalition for Networked Information projects of
>                ARL, CAUSE, & Educom.  @cni.org
> CNSF-L       Cornell National Supercomputer Facility news.  @ubvm.
> CNSFUSER     Cornell NSF SuperComputer User Group
> COGS         Computing on a Grand Scale list.  @uicvm.
> COMMUNET     Community, civic and free netssues.  @eff.org
> COMP-SCI     Comp-Sci distribution list.  @taunivm.
> COMSOC-L     Computers & Society, ARPA Digest.  @auvm.
> CONFER-L     Interactive conferencing on-line in academia.  @ncsuvm.
> CORPORA      Textbases in all languages for analysis, linguistics
>                corpora-request@nora.hd.uib.no
> CPSR         Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.  @gwuvm.
> CT DECTEI-L     DEC's The Education Initiative list.  @ubvm.
> DIBUG        Biosyn technologies software users.
>                @avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu
> DIR-L        Domain directors list.  @bitnic.
> DOMAIN-L     Domains discussion group (peered).  @bitnic.
> DPMAST-L     Data Processing Management Assn.  @cmsuvmb.
> DTP-L        Desktop publishing digest.  @yalevm.
> E-HUG        E  Electronic Frontier Foundations on-line newsletter,
>                eff-news-request@eff.org
> EGREL-L      Egret epidemiological software list.  @Dartcms.
> ELLHNIKA     Greek TeX for anyone have to typeset ancient Greek.  @dhdurz1.
> EMAILMAN     Learning about accessing electronic information.  @vtvm1.
> ERUDITIO     Knowledge through electronic communication.  @asuacad.
> ET Europe.  @ubvm.
> FUNDLIST     Computer support of fundraising programs.  @jhuvm.
> FUTURE-L     Discussion of the future of .  @bitnic.
> GRCS-L       Operations Research/Computer Science interface.  @osuvm1.
> GTRTI-L      Research & Teaching in Global Information Technology.  @gsuvm1.
> GUT          French users of TeX.  @fr4lm11.
> HOMESAT      Home Satellite technology discussion.  @vm.  @kentvm.
> IBYCUS-L     IBYCUS Scholarly computer discussion list.  @uscvm.
> INFO-ANDREW  Carnigie-Mellon/IBM Unix prototype for academic
>                research.  @andrew.cmu.edu
> INFO-GCG     Genetics software discussion.  @utoronto.
> INFO-LAW     Computers and the law.  info-law-request@brl.mil
> INFO-TEX     TeX document processing system.  @shsu.
> INFONETS     Networks includinology Services newsletter.  @ucsfvm.
> IVRITEX      Hebrew TeX issues list.  @taunivm.
> L-VIRUS      Virus list.  @psuvm.
> LATEX-UG     LaTeX users group.  @saupm00.
> LCOORD-L     Coordination Board.  @earn.
> LDBASE-L     Database search/capture discussion..  @ukanvm.
> LEPICSP3     Lepics Parallel Processing Project list.  @lepics.
> LICENSE      Software licensing list (peered).  @bi.  @rutvm1.
> LSTSRV-M     Revised listserv maintenance .  @searn.
> MAJORDOMO-USERS  MajorDomo list management software users discussion
>                    majordomo-users-request@greatcircle.com
> MIS-L        Management Information Systems disc.  @saupm00.
> MMOS2-L      Multimedia aspects OS/2 programming.  @knox.via.mind.org
> MUTEX        TeX & MuTeX encoding of music.  @stolaf.
> MVSGOPHER    MVS implementation of gopher.  @lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
> NAFIPS-L     North American Fuzzy Information Processing list.  @gsuvm1.
> NEACH        North East Assn of Computing in the Humanities
>                neach_m@andromeda.rutgers.edu
> NEURON       Neural Networks.  neuron-request@HPlabs.hp.com
> NEW_SUPERCOM  Supercomputer discussion.  @.uga.
> NIC-INFO     Numerically Intensive Computing general information.  @frmoP11.
> NIS          Net Information Services digest.  @cerf.net
> OHEUG-L      Oracle Higher Education Users Group.  @umdd.
> OPT-PROC     Optical computing, neural nets, holography processing. 
> ORACLE-L     Oracle database user list.  @sbccvm.
> PC-EVAL      PC evaluation.  @irlearn.
> PCBUILD      PC hardware, upgrades, building, low-cost sources.
> PCSERV-L     Public Domain software servers user list.  @ualtavm.
> PCTECH-L     MS-DOS-compatibles support group (peered).  @trearn.
> PCSUPT-L     Forum for disc. of PC user support.  @yalevm.
> REACH        Research & Educ. Applications of Computers.  @ucsbvm.
> RES-COMP     Computer issues in Research environments -
>                selection of hardware/software.  @nki.
> RUSTEX-L     Russian TeX text processing.  @ubvm.
> S-COMPUT     SuperComputers list.  @uga
> SCHOLAR      Natural language processing in editing of
>                historical & literary texts.    @cunyvm.
> SGML-L       Text setting program mailing list.  @dhdurz1
> SGML-MATH    Text setting in Math.  @e-math.com
> SGML-TABLE   Text setting in Math.  @e-math.com
> SPRINT-L     Borland Sprint word processor disc. list.  @vm1.nodak.edu
> SQL-L        SQL information exchange.  @mitvma
> SQLINFO      Forum for SQL/ds & related topics.  @uicvm.
> SHOTHC-L     Soc. for History of Technology--computing history list.  @sivm.
> SUEARN-L     Internet news digest, how-to questions.  @ubvm.
> SUPER-IG     SuperComputing Interest Group.  @suvm
> SUPER-L      Super computer users forum.  @mcgill1.
> SUPER-U      UNC/OIT supercomputer users.  @uncvm1.
> SYSTERS      Professional Women in Computer Science list
>                systers-request@decwrl.dec.com
> TEI-ANA      Text Encoding Initiative.  @uicvm.
> TEI-DOC      Text Encoding Initiative documents.  @uicvm.
> TEI-L        Text Encoding Initiative public discussion list.  @uicvm.
> TEI-WG       Encoding of critical apparatus record interchange
>                of machine readable texts:  working group.  @uicvm.
> TELE290      Telecom, Competitiveness & Organizational Change.  @gwuvm.
> TEX-D-L      German TeX users.  @dearn.
> TEX-ED       TeX Education forum.  @uicvm.
> TEX-L        TeXnical topics (peered_.  @ubvm.
> TEX-NL       TeX for Nederlandische.  @hearn.
> TEXMAG-L     TeX MaG (peered).  @pucc.
> THEORYNT     Computer Science theory net.  @uicvm.
> TRANSPUTER   Computer translation discussion list.  @tcgould.tn.cornell.edu
> UCP-L        University Computing Project mailing list.  @ubvm.
> UKTEX-L      German TeX users list.  @dhdurz1.
> USRDIR-L     User Directory list (peered).  @bitnic.
> USTC85-L     University of Science & Technology list.  @ricevm1.
> WHITE-PG     CREN White Pages list.  @bitnic.
> YUNYS        Turkish text setting, especially with TeX.  @trmetu.
> Z3950IW      Z39.50 Implementors Workshop.  @nervm
>Computer - Biblio. & Text Database Software
> ASKSAM       Text & notes database software discussion.  @vtvm1.
> ATLAS-TI     Atlas-TI text coding software discussion.  @db0tui11.
> BIBSOFT      All bibliographic database & formatting software.  @indycms.
> BRS-L        Full text retrieval software discussion.  @uscvm.
> CDS-ISI      UNESCO bibliographical database disc.  @hearn.nic.surfnet.nl
> ENDNOTE      Endnote/Endlink bibliographic software users forum.  @ucsbvm.
> INDEX-L      Indexers discussion group.  @bingvmb.
> LIBMASTR     Library Master bibliographic software users list.  @uottawa.
> NOTABENE     NotaBene WP & bibliographic program.  @taunivm.
> PRO-CITE     Pro=Cite bibliographic software users list.  @iubvm.
>Future Studies
> 21ST-C-L     forum for 21st Century discussion.  @brufpb.
> BEVPUB-L     Blacksburg Electronic Village open discussion.  @vtvm1.
> FNORD-L      New ways of thinking discussion.  @ubvm.
> HIT          Highly imaginative technology & science fiction.  @ufrj.
> NSP-L        Noble Savage Philosophy list.  @rpitsvm.
> SMKCC-L      Subject Matter, Knowledge & Conceptual Change.  @qucdn.
> SOCORG-K     Social Organization of Knowledge discussion.  @utoronto.
> TNC          Technoculture discussion list.  @gitvm1.
> URANTIAL     Discussion of The_Urantia_Book.  @uafsysb.
> XTROPY-L     Extropians, discussion & development of.  @ubvm.
> ANN-LOTS     Annotated Lists-of-Things, find indexed guides.  @vm1.nodak.edu
> EMAILMAN     Learning about accessing electronic information.  @vtvm1.
> HELP-NET     For solving user problems with utilities, software
>                on-the-net questions and answers.  @indycms.
> NET-HAPPENINGS  Useful announcements culled from all over by net scout
>                   extraordinaire, Gleason Sackmann.  @is.internic.net
> NET-RESOURCES InterNIC Info. Services new-resources list.  @is.internic.net
> NIS          Net Information Services announcements digest.  @cerf.net
> SUEARN-L     Internet digest, news, how-to questions.  @ubvm.
>History and Humanities
> AGOR         Agora, an ejournal in classics.  @une.edu.au
> AHC-L        Assn. for History & Computing.  @dgogwdg1.
> AIBI-L       Computerized analysis of Biblical Texts.  @uottawa.
> ARMADILLO-WATCH  Texas Natural and Cultural History gopher discussion.
>                armadillo-watch-request@chico.rice.edu
> AMERCATH     History discussion list on American Catholicism.  @ukcc.
> AMERSTDY     American Studies.  @miamiu.
> AMERICAN-STUDIES  American studies in England.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> AMWEST-H     American West History Forum.  @uscvm.
> ANCIEN-L     History of the ancient Mediterranean.  @ulkyvm.
> ANSAX-L      Culture & history of England before 1100 CE.  @wvnvm.
> ARCHIVES     Archives discussion list.  @arizvm1.ccit.arizona.edu
> ASEH-L       American Society of Environmental Historians.  @ttuvm1.
> ASTR-L       Theatre history disc. American Soc. Theatre Research.  @uivmd.
> BMCR-L       Bryn Mawr Classical Review, e-book review.  @cc.brynmawr.edu
> BMMR-L       Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, ejournal.  @cc.brynmawr.edu
> C18-L        Disc. of 18th century interests by scholars, students.  @psuvm.
> CADUCEUS     Medical history.  email:  ibowman@utmbeach.
> CAMELOT      Arthurian legend and Grail lore.   -request@castle.ed.ac.uk
> CELTIC-L     Celtic culture  @uottawa.
> CTICH        Computers in Teaching History.  email:  ctich@glasgow.ac.uk
> EARAM-L      Society of Early Americanists.  @kentvm.
> ELENCHUS     Christianity in Late Antiquity disc. list.  @uottawa.
> EMEDCH-L     Chinese history between Han and Tang dynasties.  @uscvm.
> EMHIST-L     Early modern history forum.  @uscvm.
> ERASMUS      Erasmus list - Renaissance & Reformation Stuic language
bulletin board.  @irlearn.
> GERLING      Older Germanic languages (to 1500 AD).  @uiucvmd.
> GRMNHIST     German history forum.  @uscvm.
> H-ALBION     British History.  @uicvm.
> H-AMSTDY     American Studies.  @uicvm.
> H-CIVWAR     U.S. Civil War history.  @uicvm.
> H-DIPLO      Diplomatic history, U.S. foreign affairs.  @uicvm.
> H-DURKHM     European social thought.  @uicv
> H-ETHNIC     Ethnicity, immigration history.  @uicvm.
> H-FILM       Film and History discussion.  @uicvm.
> H-IDEAS      Intellectual history.  @uicvm.
> H-LABOR      Labor history.  @uicvm.
> H-LAW        U.S. legal and constitutional history.  @uicvm.
> H-LATAM      Latin American history.  @uicvm.
> H-POL        U.S. political history.  @uicvm.
> H-RHETOR     History of rhetoric.  @uicvm.
> H-RURAL      Rural, agricultural history.  @uicvm.
> H-SOUTH      U.S. South history.  @uicvm.
> H-TEACH      Teaching History.  @uicvm.
> H-URBAN      Urban history.  @uicvm.
> H-WOMEN      Women's History.  @uicvm.
> HASTRO-L     History of Astronomy discussion list.  @wvnvm.
> HCFNET       Humanities computer facilities network.  @ucsbvm.
> HAPSBURG     Austrian history since 1500 .  @purccvm.
> HISLAW-L     History of Law, (Feudal, Common, Canon).  @ulkyvm.
> HISTEC-L     History of Evangelic Christianity.  @ukanvm.
> HISTORY      History, generic.  @psuvm.
> HISTORY-ECON Economic history newsletter.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HISTORY-IHR  Institute of Historical Research list.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HISTORY-METHODS  Historical method.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HISTORY-TEACHING  Instructional issues, techniques.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HISTORY-VASCO  15th - 16th Century Portugal.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HISTORYA     Historya History Dept..  @uwavm.
> HISTOWN      History listowners discussion list.  @ubvm.
> HOLOCAUS     Holocaust studies, anti-semitism.  @uicvm.
> HOPOS-L      Forum for discussing history of science & philosophy.  @ukcc.
> HOST         History of Science, Technology ejournal. 
> HPSST-L      History & philosophy of Science.  @qucdn.
> HTECH-L      History of Technology.  @sivm.
> HUMANIST     Uses of computer in Humanities.  @brownvm.
> HUMGRAD      Graduate students in the Humanities.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> IBYCUS-L     Scholarly computer use in Ancient Greek History.  @uscvm.
> IEAHCNET     Early American History and Culture.  @uicvm.
> INDOLOGY     Academics interested in study of classical
>                India.  @liverpool.ac.uk
> INTERSCRIPTA Medieval Seminar Topics.  @morgan.ucs.mun.ca
> IOUDAIOS     1st c. Judaism, writings of Philo of Alex., Flavius
>                Joseph.  @Yorkvm1.
> ISLAM-L      History of Islam.  @ulkyvm.
> JEWSTUDIES   Jewish Studies.  @nysernet.org
> JUDAICA      Judaic studies.  @taunivm.
> KANSAS-L     Kansas history & life.  @ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
> L-CHA        Canadian Historical Association.  @uqam.
> LATIN-L      Latin and neo-Latin discussion.  @psuvm.
> LASNET       Latin American Studies Network.  @emx.utexas.edu
> MCLR-L       Latino Research.  @msu.
> MEDFEM-L     An open discussion forum for medievalist feminists.  @indycms.
> MEDIEV-L     On history and issues of the middle ages.  @ukanvm.
> MEDTEXTL     Medieval Texts, Philology, Codicology.  @uiucvmd.
> MILHST-L     Military History.  @ukanvm.
> NA-L         National Social Sciences & Humanities FTP.  @uottawa.
> NAHUAT-L     Aztec Studies and Language.  @fauvax.
> NT-GREEK     Scholarly study of Greek New Testament.  @virginia.edu
> OHA-L        Oral History Association discussion list.  @ukcc.
> OMHR         On-line Modern History Review.  ua832@freenet.victoria.bc.ca
> OT-HEBREW    Scholarly study of Hebrew Old Testament.  @virginia.edu
> PERSEUS      Multimedia resource of art, text & archaoelogical mat'ls.
>                from ancient Greek world for teaching and research. 
> PERSIA-L     Jewish history & literature in the Persian period.  @emuvm1.
> PREZHIST     Presidential History forum, lives, campaigns, tenure, politics.
>                @kasey.umkc.edu
> PUBLHIST     Public history list.  mailserv@husc3.harvard.edu
> RENAIS-L     Early modern history--Renaissance.  @ulkyvm.
> ROOTS-L      Genealogy list.  @ndsuvm1.
> RUSHIST      Russian History Forum (peered).  @uscvm.
> SCHOLAR      On-line newsletter about natural language processing
>                & editing of historical & literary texts.  @cunyvm.
> SHAKER       Shaker studies.  @ukcc.
> SHARP-L      History of authorship, reading, the printed word.  @iubvm.
> SHOTHC-L     Soc. for Hist. of Technology - History of Computing.  @sivm.
> SOCHIST      Social history list.  @uscvm.
> STHCULT      Southern Cultures jrnl., history, lit, folklore.  @unc.edu
> VICTORIA     Victorian studies.  @iubvm.
> VWAR-L       Viet Nam war.  @ubvm.
> WHIRL        Women's History in Rhetoric and Language.  @psuvm.
> WORLD-L      World history, non-eurocentric.  @ubvm.
> WWII-L       World War II history.  @ubvm.
>   [The H-Net Guide prepared at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and
>    provided by Richard Jensen permitted doubling the number of lists
>    cited here.  The H-Net Guide also points to the history gopher which
>    can be reached by telnet to:
>                     hnsource.cc.ukans.edu
>    and includes access to CLIONET, Byrd Historical Data Archives, GHETA,
>    Missisippi State History Data Archive, CARL, LOCIS, and other resources
>    and data bases.]
>Language - Communications Studies
> CCANET       Canadian Communications Assn..  @rpitsvm.
> CDMAJOR      Communication Disorder discussion list.  @kentvm.
> CMC          Computer mediated communications.  @rpitsvm.
> CRTNET       Communications Studies announcements.  @psuvm.
> COMDEV       Global interaction between people working in
>                International and development communications.  @rpitsvm.
> COMHIST      History of human communication.  @rpitsvm.
> COMMDIS      Speech disorders list.  @rpitsvm.
> COMMED       Communications education.  @rpitsvm.
> COMMJOBS     Communications Studies job listings.  @rpitsvm.
> COMSERVE     Sponsor of numerous lists in communications, info.  @rpitsvm.
> COPYEDITING-L  King's English, other editorial issues.  @cornell.edu
> DISPRAC      Disciplinary practices in communications studies.  @rpitsvm.
> EDUTEL       Computer Mediated Communication in educ contexts.  @rpitsvm.
> EJCREC       Electronic Journal of Communications, scholarly
>                online journal.  @rpitsvm.
> ETHNO        Ethnomethodology/conversation analysis.  @rpitsvm.
> FAMCOMM      Marital & Family communication issues.  @rpitsvm.
> GENDER       Topics in Communications and Gender.  @rpitsvm.
> INHEALTH     International health communication issues.  @rpitsvm.
> INTERCUL     Communication across cultures.  @rpitsvm.
> INTERPER     Interpersonal/small group communications.  @rpitsvm.
> JDOCS-DB     Journalism/MassCommunications document database.  @templevm.
> JOURNET      Journalism education discussion list.  @qucdn.
> MAGAZINE     Communication Studies magazine publication issues.  @rpitsvm
> MASSCOMM     Mass bvm.
> METHODS      Research methodology--qualitative & quantitative.  @rpitsvm.
> NEWBOOKS     Newbook notices in Communications Studies field.  @rpitsvm.
> NEWSLINE     ComServe News.  @rpitsvm.
> ORGCOMM      Communication in organizations.  @rpitsvm.
> PHILCOMM     Philosophy of Communications, theory, epistemology.  @rpitsvm.
> POLCOMM      Political Communications issues discussion.  @uage -
> AATFREN      American Assn. of Teachers of French.  @bitnic.
> AATG         American Assn. of Teachers of German.  @indycms.
> BORIKEN      Cultura y sociedad de Puerto Rico.  @enlace.
> CAUSERIE     "Chat" in French.  @uquebec.
> CCNET-L      Chinese Computing Network (in Chinese, often GB (Guobao)
>                encoded, read by ftp-able program.  @uga.cc.uga.edses in
all languages for analysi
s, linguistics
>                corpora-request@nora.hd.uib.no
> ECP_NET      Revue de Presse VIA - E.C.P. France.  @frecp12.
> ECP-PIF      Programme Int'l de Formation.  @frecp12.
> EDISTA       Educacion a Distancia.  @usachvm1.
> EDUMATE      Educacion Matematica en Chile.  @usaehvm1.
> ESPER-L      Esperanto.  @trearn.
> FLAC-L       Foreign Language Acrbewerber for
>                language.....  @miamiu.
> GER-RUS      Germans from Russia list.  @ndsuvm1.
> HELLAS       Hellenic list (Greek with Latin characters).  @auvm.
> HIROKO       Taniyam Hiroko list (Japanese).  @jpnsut30.
> HISTORYA     Historya History Dept..  @uwavm.
> I-REDES      Spanish lang. nets accessing Wide Area Networks.  @utfsm.
> INFORM-L     Cultura Informatica en M
                                       > LITERA-L     literatura en Ingles
y Espanol.  @tecmtyvm.
> LLTI         Language learning & technology Int'l. Info.  @dartcms1.
> LTEST-L      Language Testing Research & Practice.  @uclacn1.
> MAIL.YIDDISH Yiddish language.  email: dave@lsuc.on.ca
> MENDELE      Yiddish literature and language.  @yalevm.
> MEXICO       Lsta di distribucion Mexico.  @vmtecmex.
> MULTI-L      Language & Ed (in Portuguese).  @pccvm.
> RUSSIAN      Russian language issues.  @asuacad.
> S-PRESS      German student press discussion list.  @dcztu1.
> SCOLT        Southern Conf. on Lang. Teaching. 
> SDOMINGO     Culture y sociedad de la republica de Santo Domingo.  @enlace.
> SEELANGS     Slavic & E. European languages & literature.  @Cunyvm.
> SLART-L      Second Lals
>     from abroad being carried by satellite and available at
>     school and campus language facilities.  The program at Umass/
>     Amherst is described below by the director of the Foreign
>     Language Resource Center.  Similar programs may be available
>     in your district or campus.]
>"The UMass and Five College Foreign Language Centers each have a
>satellite receiver whies are
>recorded (by request).
>"There is also the International Channel which is carried on many
>cable systems (including Amherst starting Jan. '93).  It is strongest
>on Pacific Rim countries and the Middle East.
>"Teleconferences can also be downloaded.
>"Some services are fee-based.  Call 545-0950 to request details and/or
>a brochure."
>===================================== Society.  @uga.
> CORPORA      Textbases in all languages for analysis, linguistics
>                corpora-request@nora.hd.uib.no
> FLN          Figurative Language Network; psychology, linguistics, AI,
>                etc. of figurative language.  @icineca.
> LANGIT       Discussione Centri Linguistici Italiani.  @iveuncc.
> LIBTHEA      Thesaurus Science list.  @kentvm.
> LINGUIST    atural language.  nl-kr-request@@cs.rpi.edu
> SCHOLAR      On-line newsletter about natural language processing
>                & editing of historical & literary texts.  @cunyvm.
> SEMIOS-L     Semiotic critical studies.  @ulkyvm.louisville.edu
> SLLING-L     Sign Language Linguistics list.  @yalevm.
> TOLKLANG     Linguistics aspects of Tolkien elvish vocabulary
>                & grammare
> AMLIT-L      American Literature Discussion Group.  @umcvmb.
> ASIMOV-L     Discussion of Issac Asimov's works.  @utdallas.
> ASTR-L       American Society of Theatre Research discussion list. 
> AUSTEN-L     Readers of Jane Austen, Maria Edgeworth, Fanney Burney,
>                etc..  @McGill1.
> AXE-LIST     Quebec Litterature Studies.  @mcgill1.
> AXE-TALK     Quebec Lry work.  @unlinfo.unl.edu
> CHICLE       Chicano literature discussion list.  @unmvm.
> CHPOEM-L     Sharing, discussion of Chinese poems.  @ubvm.
> CLASSICS     Classics & Latin discussion.  @uwavm.
> DARGONZINE   Dargon Project fiction anthology.  white@duvm.
> DERRIDA      Jacques, and deconstruction.  @cfrvm.
> DEUTSCHE-LISTE  German literature and culture.  @ccu.umanitoba.ca
> ELECTROh.  @utarlvm1.
> ENGLMU-L     CMC in instruction/research of English, writing, lit. 
> ENG345-L     English 345 class.  @ubvm.
> E-POETRY     Contemporary poetics disc. & journal, RIF/T.  @ubvm.
> EROFILE      E-reviews of French, Italian literary essays.  @ucsbuxa.
> FOLKLORE     Folklore discussion list.  @hstamv1.
> FWAKE        Discussion of James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.  @irlighly
imaginative technology & sci
ence fiction.  @ufrj.
> HORROR       Horror stories.  @pacevm.
> INTERTEXT    Electronic fiction digest.  jsnell@ucsd.edu  (ascii or ps)
> JACK-LONDON  Jack London pedagogy & underground
>                email to:  stasz@sonoma.edu
> LITERA-L     Exchange of ideas on literature, language, philology. 
> LITERARY     For any lover of literature.  @ush literature 1895-.  @Kentvm.
> NEDER-L      Dutch language & literature (in Dutch).  @hearn.
> ORTRAD-L     Interdisciplinary studies of oral traditions, African,
>                Hispanic, Native American.  @mizzou1
> PERSIA-L     Jewish literature & history in the Persian period.  @emuvm1.
> PROSODY      Prosody discussion list.  @msu.
> PYNCHON-L    Thomas Pynchon's writings.  @sfu.ca
 underground.  @sbccvm.
> SCHOLAR      On-line newsletter about natural language processing
>                & editing of historical & literary texts.  @cunyvm.
> SEMIOS-L     semiotic critical studies.  @ulkyvm.louisville.edu
> SF-LIST      science fiction author lists.  @jpnkisci.
> SFLOVERS     science fiction.  @rutvm1.
> SHAKSPER     Shakespeare researchers, students in 7 countries.  @Uts of
Tolkien elvish vocabulary
>                & grammar, and use of Old English.  @lfcs.ed.ac.uk
> TWAIN-L      Mark Twain forum.  @yorkvm1.
> WEIRD-L      Bizarre/disturbing/offensive short stories.  @brownvm.
> WORKS-L      Writers List Works.  @ndsuvm1.
>   [The Dante Project with the Divine Comedy on-line and commentary is
>    available by telnet to:  library.dartmouth.edu  login:ITING-L  King's
English, other editorial
 issues.  @cornell.edu
> CREWRT       Creative writing pedagogy for teachers, student.  @umcvmb.
> CW-L         Computers & writing.  @ttuvm1.
> CONFER-L     Interactive conferencing on-line in academia.  @ncsuvm.
> DARGON-L     Dargon Project Writers Forum.  @ncsuvm.
> ENGLMU-L     CMC in instruction/research of English, writing,
>                lit.@tamvm1.
> SEDIT-L      Scholarly Editing Forum.  @umdd.
> WAC-L        Writing Across the Curriculum, Ctr for Wrtg.  @uiucvmd
> WORKS-L      Sub-group of WRITERS for longer works, no disc..  @ndsuvm1.
> WPA-L        Writing Program Administrators.  @asuacad.
> WRITERS      Disc. for professional and aspiring writers.  @ndsuvm1.
> WWP-L        Brown Univ. Women Writer's Project.  @Brownvm.
> ADVANC-L     The Geac advance system for online services.  @idbsu.
> AFAS-L       African American Studies & librarianship.  @kentvm.
> AJCUILL      Law Librarians/Interlibrary Loan.  @guvm.
> ALA          ALA file list.  @uicvm.
> ALAcoun      ALA Council.  @uicvm.
> ALF-L        Academic Librarians forum.  @Yorkvm1.
> ARACHNET     Disc. of 600+ electronic scholarly journals, etc.  ent
transmission system.  @idbsu.
> ARL-Director ARL library directors private list.  @cni.org
> ARLIS-L      Arts Libraries discussion list.  @ukcc.
> ARIZSLS      Library Science conference.  @arizvm1.
> ASIS-L       American Society for Information Science list.  @uvmvm.
> ATLAS-L      ORA library system user list.  @tcubvm.
> AUTOCAT      Library cataloging & authorities discussion.  @uv  @indycms.
> BLACKLIB     Conference of Black Librarians.  @guvm.
> BRS-L        Full text retrieval software discussion.  @uscvm.
> BUSLIB-L     Business library issues.  @idbsu.
> CADUCEUS     ALHH members & those interested in medical history
>                email to:  ibowman@utmbeach.
> CANST-LI     ACRL Canadian Studies Librarians disc. list.  @uvmvm.
> CARL-L       Carl users forum& Educom.  @cni.org
> COLLDV-L     Collection development list.  @uscvm.
> COMENIUS     Library & inf. svcs. dev. thru computer technology.  @csearn
> CONSALD      Committee on S. Asian libraries & documentation.  @utxvm.
> CONSERVATION DISTLIST  preservation.  email:  whenry@lindy.stanford.edu
> COOPCAT      Cooperative cataloging arrangements list.  @nervm.
> CWIS-L       Campus Wide Inorm
                                > ELDNET-L     Engineering Libraries. 
> ELEASAI      Open Library/Information Science Research forum.  @arizvm1.
> ELLASBIB     Library automation in Greece.  @earn
> ELN-L        Electronic Library Network project list.  @ubvm.
> EMAILMAN     Learning about accessing electronic information.  @vtvm1.
> ENDNOTE      Endnote/Endlink bibliographic software user forum.  @ucsbvm.
> GAY-LIBN     Gay/lesbian/bisexual librarians network.  @uscvm.
> GEONET-L     Geoscience librarians & informmation specialists.  @iubvm.
> GLSWICHE     Library Science conference.  @arizvm1.
> GOVDOC-L     federal deposit libraries.  @psuvm.
> GTRTI-L      Research & Teaching in Global Information Technology.  @gsuvm1.
> GUTNBERG     Electronic texts - Moby Dick, other classics.  @uiucvmd.
> HARLIC-L     Harlic Libraries discussion group.  @ricevm1.
> HULINTRO     Harvard Universith Library Introd.....  @harvarda.
> IAMSLIC      Int'l Assn. Aquatics & Marine Sci. Libs & Info. Cntrs. topics
>                in freshwater, marine & brackishwater sciences.  @ucsd.
> IIRS         Israeli Information Retrieval Specialists list.  @taunivm.
> ILL-L        Interlibrary Loan discussion group.  @uvmvm.
> INDEX-L      Indexers discussion group.  @bingvmb.
> INFO+REF     Disc. of interests in information & referral svcs..  @indycms.
> INFONETS     Info-Nets list (peered).  @bitnic.
> INFOSYS      Info systems list.  @hdetud1.
> INNOPAC      Innovative Interfaces Opac & related.  @maine.
> IR-L         Information retrieval list.  @uccvma.
> IS-TQM       TQM implementation in Inf. Sci. disc. .  @mitvma.
> INT-LAW      Foreign & international law librarians.  @uminn1.
> IRLIST       Any topic information retrieval & computer use.  @irlearn.
> JESSE        Open library/information sciences education forum.  @arizvm1.
> KATALIST     Discussion of Library systems & databases.  @huearn.
> KULHUM-L     KULIB Humanities Bibliography.  @ukanvm.
> LALA-L       Latin Americanists Librarians announcements.  @uga
> LAW-LIB      Law librarians list.  @ucdavis.edu
> LIBADMIN     Issues of library administration and management.  @umab.
> LIBER        Library/media services.  @uvmvm.
> LIBEVENT     Library Information Services list.  @uscvm.
> LIBINFO      Harvard Information Services discussion.  @harvarda.
> LIBMASTR     Library Master bibliographic database program list.  @uottawa.
> LIBNET-L     Library CD-Rom Network & Ariel workstation list.  @emuvm1.
> LIBNET-L     Libraries & networks in North Carolina.  @ncsuvm.
> LIBPER-L     Library personnel issues.  @Ksuvm.
> LIBPLAN-L    University Library planning.  @qucdn.
> LIBREF-L     Changing envirionment of ref svcs., cd-rom, trng.  @kentvm.
> LIBRARY      Libraries & librarians.  @indycms.
> LIBRES       Library and information science research.  @kentvm.
> LIBSUP-L     UW cataloging.  @UWavm.
> LIS-IS       Information svc. online databases, dialup Janet.  @newcastle.
> LISRBC1L     ACRL Research Bibliographic Contol List 1.  @nmsuvm1.
> LISRCM-L     ACRL Research Collection Management.  @nmsuvm1.
> LISRLE1L     ACRL Research Library effectiveness.  @nmsuvm1.
> LISRSC-L     ACRL Research Scholarly Committee.  @nmsuvm1
> LM_NET       School library/media services.  @suvm.
> MAPS-L       Map librarians list.  @uga.
> MEDLIB-L     Medical & health science libraries.  @ubvm.
> METALIB      Metal library.  @jpntuvm0.
> MITIRLIB     M.I.T. Industrial Relations Library list.  @mitvma.
> MLA-L        Music Library Assn e-conference.  @iubvm.
> MLAVES-L     Music Library research support.  @iubvm.
> MULTILIS     MultiLIS users.  @albnyvm1
> MUSEUM-L     Museum administration list.  @unmvm.
> NAGARA-L     Assn. of Government Archivists.  @umdd.
> NASIG        North American Serials list.  @uvmvm.
> NETADMIN     State, regional library network managers.
>                listserver@@leo.vsla.edu   (note: listserver@ not
> NISO         National Information Standards Organization.  @nervm.
> NNEWS        Library & Information resources on the Net.  @ndsuvm1.
> NOTABENE     NotaBene WP & bibliographic program.  @taunivm.
> NOTIS-L      Notis/Dobis users list.  @tcsvm.
> NOTISACQ     Notis Acquisition list.  @cuvmp.
> NOTMUS       Notis Music Library list.  @ubvm.
> NOTRBCAT     Rare book & special collection catalogers.  @indycms.
> NYSO-L       MLA NY State/Ontario Chapter list.  @ubvm
> OCLC-NEWS    Discussion of OCLC service news.  @oclc.org
> OFFCAMP      Off-campus library services.  @waynest1.
> PACS-L       Public Access Computer Systems forum.  @uhupvm1.
> PACS-P       Pacs-L publications only.  @uhupvm1
> PACS-REVIEW  Elec. journal, refereed.  @uhupvm1.uh.edu
> PRO-CITE     Pro=Cite bibliographic software users list.  @iubvm.
> PUBLIB       Use of the Internet in Public Libraries.  @nysernet.org
> PUBYAC       Children & young adult library services list.  @lis.pitt.edu
> RLGAMSC      RLG Archives, Manuscripts & Special Collections.  @rutvm1.
> RLGART-L     RLG Art & Architecture.  @yalevm.
> RLGLAW-L     RLG Law Library list.  @uminn1.
> RLGLOC-L     RLG Library Systems Officers forum.  @bingvmb.
> RLGPRE-L     RLG Preservation list.  @yalevm.
> RLGPSCD      RLG Public Service & Collection Develoopment.  @brownvm.
> RLGTECH      RLG Technical Services list.  @rutvm1.
> SERCITES     Citations for serial literature.  @mitvma.
> SERIALST     Serials in Libraries - user discussion.  @uvmvm.
> SHARP-L      History of the Printed Word.  @iubvm.
> SILS-L       School of Inf.& Library Studies, SUNY Buffalo.  @ubvm.
> SLAJOB       Job board international for Special Librarians.  @iubvm.
> SPILIB-L     Spires library discussion list.  @suvm.
> SPIRES-L     Spires conference list.  @pucc.
> SPIUSER      Spires user list.  @suvm.
> TESLA        Technical standards for library automation.  @nervm.
> TQMLIB       Total Quality Management for Libraries.  @waynest1.
> VIFLIS       Virtual Int'l Faculty in Library & Information. Sci.  @arizvm1.
> UIGIS-L      User Interface for Geographic Info. Systems.  @ubvm.
> USMARC-L     USMARC Advisory Group forum.  @maine.
> VISIONS......Visions for Libraries of the future.  @library.sdsu.edu
> VPIEJ-L      Scholarly Electronic Journals disc. list.  @vtvm1.
> VTLSLIST     VTLS users discussion group.  @vtvm1
> Z3950IW      Z39.50 Implementors Workshop.  @nervm
> BIOMED-L     Biomedical Ethics.  @vm1.nodak.edu
> BRAIN-L      Mind-brain discussion group.  @McGill1.
> CPAE         Center for Professional & Applied Ethics.
>                @catfish.valdosta.peachnet.edu
> ECOTHEOL     Ecotheology; ecological ethics.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> FNORD-L      New ways of thinking discussion.  @ubvm.
> HEGEL        Hegel Society list.  @villvm.
> HPSST-L      history & philosophy of Science.  @qucdn.
> HOPOS-L      Forum for discussing history of science & philosophy.  @ukcc.
> HUMANIST     Humanist issues, lively discussion.  @brownvm.
> HUME         Discussion list of Hume Society.  @wmvm1.
> INFOSTDY     Information studies philosophical disc. list.  @suvm
> LITSCI-L     Society for literature and science.  @uiucvmd.
> PAGAN        Pagan
> PEIRCE-L     Discussion of philosophy of Charles S. Peirce.  @ttuvm1.
> PHILCA       Canadian philosophy list.  @yorkvm1.
> PHILCOMM     Philosophy of communication.  @rpitsvm
> PHILOS-L     For philosophers in U.K. & elsewhere.  @liverpool.ac.uk
> PHILOSED     Students and teachers disc. of Educational Philosophy.  @suvm.
> PHILOSOP     Academic philosophy.  @yorkvm1.
> SKEPTIC      Paranormal claim analysis.  @jhuvm.
> SOCETH-L     Interdiscplinary Social Ethics. @uscvm.
> SOCORG-K     Social Organization of Knowledge discussion.  @utoronto.
> SOPHIA       Ancient Philosophy, Hesiod to Iamblichus.  @le.  @ncsuvm.
> ALPHA-L      L3 Alpha Physics block analysis diagram group.  @lepics.
> AMATH-IL     Applied Mathematics in Israel.  @taunivm.
> ASTRO-PL     Pre-print server for Astrophysics.  @jpnyitp.
> ASTR-O       Astronomy information exchange.  @brfapesp.
> ASTRONOMY-EVENTS   in Boston area.  @bbn.com
> AT-NET       Approximation Theory Network.  @Technion.
> BIOCIS-L     Biology Curred from Usenet comp.theory.cell-automata. 
> CHEMCONF     Conference on Chemistry research & education.  @umdd.
> CHEMCORD     General Chemistry coordinators disc. group.  @umdd.
> CHEME-L      Chemical engineering list.  @psuvm.
> CHEMED-L     Chemistry education discussion list.  @uwf.
> CHEMIC-L     Chemistry in Israel.  @Taunivm.
> CHMINF-L     Chemical information sources list.  @ubvm.
> CYAN-TOX     Cyanobacterial toxins discussion list.  @grearn.
> CVNET        Color and vision research.  @yorkvm1.
> CYBSYS-L     Cybernetics and systems.  @bingvmb.
> DIBUG        Biosyn technologies software users list.
>                @avogadro.barnard.columbia.edu
> DIS-L        Drosophila users newsletter.  @iubvm.
> DYNSYS       Dynamical Systems list - UNC/OIT.  @uncvm1in Medicine,
Science & Com....  @ubvm.
> ENTOMO-L     (Entomology?).  @uoguelph.
> EPP-L        Albert Einstein Papers Project discussion.  @buacca.
> FISICA-L     Information exchange in Physics.  @brufmg.
> FORSUM-L     NW Forest ecology issues for Univ.& K12.  @brownvm.
> FORUMBIO     Molecular biology forum.  @bnandp11.
> FRAC-L       Fractal discussion list.  @gitvm1.
> FUNCT-AL     Prdsuvm1.
> HCDB-L       Open forum on the Hadron Colorimeter Data Bank.  @lepics.
> HEAVY-L      Heavy Monte-Carlo Flavours Subgroup.  @lepics.
> HEP-LATL     Pre-print server for Computation & Lattice....
> HEP-PH-L     Pre-print server for Particle Phenomena
> HEP-TH-L     Pre-print server for String/Conformed/Field Theory.  @jpnyitp.
> HIRIS-L      High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy.  @PWILD     
International Arctic Project Wil
dlife.  @ndsuvm1.
> ICRC-L       22nd International Cosmic Ray Conference list.  @irlearn.
> ICS-L        International Chemometrics Society.  @umdd.
> IFPHEN-L     Interfacial Phenomena.  @wsuvm1.
> ILAS-NET     International Linear Algebra .  @technion.
> INTERF-L     Interfacial Phenomena.  @taunivm.
> ITRDBTOR     Dendrochronology - tree ring da
> KINST-L      Hand microsurgery research network.  @ulkyvm.
> LASMED-L     Laser medicine.  @taunivm.
> MEDNETS      Medical telecommunications nets.  @ndsuvm1.
> MEDNEWS      Health info-com network newsletter.  @asuacad.
> MEDPHY-L     EFOMP Medical Physics information services.  @awiimc12.
> MEDSEA-L     Marine Biology of the Adriatic Sea.  @aearn.
> MEDSTU-L     Med Students worldwideivm.
> ORGCHE-L     Organic Chemistry list.  msmith@amherst.
> OTS-L        Organization for Tropical Studies at Yale.  @yalevm.
> PANET-L      Medical education & health information.  @yalevm.
> PHOTOSYN     Photosynthesis Researchers list.  @taunivm.
> PHYS-L       For teachers of college and university physics.  @uwf.
> PHYSIC-L     Physics list.  @taunivm.
> PHYSICS      Physics discussMERP     Polymer physics.  @hearn.
> QMLIST       Researchers, clinicians Quantitative Morphology list.
>                @tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
> QNTEVA-L     Quantitative methods:  theory & design.  @psuvm.
> QUAKE-L      Earthquake & seismology list.  @ndsuvm1.
> SAIS-L       Promoting Science awareness.  @unbvm1.
> SAME         Symbolic & Algebraic Manipulation in Education. 
@frulm11.of space.  @Tamvm1.
> SEISMD-L     Seismology list.  @bingvmb.
> SPACE        Space topics discussion.  @andrew.cmu.edu
> SPACE-IL     Israeli Space & Remote Sensing list.  @taunivm.
> SUP-COND     Superconductivity list.  @taunivm.
> T321-L       Teaching Science in Elementary Schools.  @mizzou1.
> THPHYSIO     Thermal physiology.  @frmop11.
> USTC84-L     University Science & Technology d
> ABSLST-L     Assn of Black Sociologists list.  @cmuvm.
> ACSALF       Assn. canadienne des sociologues et .....  @uquebec.
> ADDICT-L     Academic & scholarly discussion of addiction.  @Kentvm.
> ANTHRO-L     General Anthropology bulletin board.  @ubvm.
> APASD-L      APA research psychology network.  @vtvm2.
> APASLN       APA Science Leaders Network.  @gwuvm.
> APASPAN      APA     gogwdg1.
> ASEH-L       American Society of Environmental Historians.  @ttumv1.
> AUDITORY     Research in auditory perception.  @mcgill1.
> BIOSOPH-L    Anything related to biosphere.  @ubvm.
> BRUNSWIK     Brunswikian psychology and social judgement theory.  @albnyvm1.
> CHAOPSYC     Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology disc. list.  @uvmvm.
> COGNEURO     Cognitive & Neuro Sci.  cogneurologists and other researchers
>                email to:  hazards@vaxf.colorado.edu
> ECOLOG-L     Ecological Soc. of America--disc., grants, jobs.  @umdd.
> ECONED L     Research in Economics Education.  @utdallas.
> ECONET       Ecological theory & practice.  @miamiu.
> ECONHIST     Teaching & Research in Economic History disc.  @miamiu.
> EJVC-L       Electronic Journal of Virtual Cultureodology/conversation
analysis.  @rpitsvm.
> ETHNOHIS     Ethnology & History general discussion.  @hearn.
> ETHOLOGY     Animal behavior and behaviorial ecology.  @finhutc.
> FAMCOMM      Marital & family communication.  @rpitsvm.
> FAMLYSCI     For researchers, scholars on family.  @ukcc.
> FEDSIG-L     Federal Electronic Data Special Interest Group.  @wvnvm.
> GEOGED       Education issues  @ualtavm.
> H-DURKHM     Durkheim; European social thought.  @uicvm.
> H-US-POL     U.S. political history.  @uicvm.
> HISTORY-ECON Economic history newsletter.  mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
> HOLISTIC     Holistic discussion list.  @siucvmb.
> HUMANETS     Human Nets digest list.  @rutvm1.
> HUMBIO-L     Biological anthropology.  @fauvax.
> HUMEVO       Human Evolution Research discussion liss FTP....  @uottawa.
> MEH2O-L      Middle East water discussion list.  @taunivm.
> MERTON-L     Scholarly inquiry into contemplative life.  @byrd.mu.wvnet.edu
> METHO        Methodologie quantitative sciences sociales.  @uquebec.
> METHODS      Research Methodology, quantitative and qualitative.  @rpitsvm.
> MPSYCH-L     Society for Mathematical Psychology.  @Brownvm.
> NIATRN-L     Nationaican.  @mizzou1
> PACARC-L     Pacific rim archaeology.  @wsuvm1.
> PEN-L        Progressive Economists Network list.  @uscvm.
> PLAY-L       Multi-disciplinary disc. of play, games, sport.  @hg.uleth.ca
> POLCOMM      Study of Political Communication.  @rpitsvm.
> POLI-SCI     Political Science Digest.  @rutvm1.
> POPCULT      Analytical disc. all aspects of popular culture. 
@camosun.bc.caPSYCHE-D     Interdi
sciplinary disc. of consciousness, Psyche articles.  @ni1
> PUBPOL-L     Public policy, admin., planning grad students, faculty. 
> Q-METHOD     Q methodology network.  @kentvm.
> QUALRS-L     Qualitative research in the human sciences.  @uga.
> QUALRSED     Qualitative research in education.  @unmvma.
> QNTEVA-L     Quantitative methods:  theory & design.  @psuvm Paranormal
claim analysis.  @jhuvm.
> SMKCC-L      Subject Matter, Knowledge & Conceptual Change.  @qucdn.
> SNET-L       Human Communications, Social Networks & simulations.  @arizvm1.
> SOCORG-K     Social organization of knowledge.  @utoronto.
> SOCWORK      Social Work discussion list.  @umab.
> SOS-DATA     Social Science Data list.  @gibbs.oit.unc.edu
> SYSCI-L      Systems Science di@utkvm1
> TIPS         Teaching in the psychological sciences.  @fre.fsu.umd.edu
> TRVL-L       Research on Visionary Leadership.  @byrd.mu.wvnet.edu
> YP-USER      Yale People Project user list.  @yalevm.
> BMDP-L       For users of BMDP statistical software.  @mcgill1.
> CSA-DATA     Chinese Statistical Archive.  @uicvm.
> EARNSTAT     EARN statistics group.  @dearn.
>   theory & design.  @psuvm.
> SAS-L        Disc. of SAS program users (peered).  @vtvm1.
> SASJOB-L     SAS jobs, classes, seminars.  @albnydh2.
> SASPAC-L     SAS Public Access Consortium.  @umslvma.
> SBSTAT-L     Suny/Stony Brook statistics software interest group.  @sbccvm.
> SOS-DATA     Social Science Data list.  @uncvm1.
> SPSSX-L      SPSSX stat program discussion list (peered).  @ug. software
- email to:  netlib@ornl
.gov   ; message:  Send Index
>Stat. programs, datasets - email: statlib@lib.stat.cmu.edu  "    "1
>Women's Studies
> BMW92        Summer institute for women in higher education.  @uvmvm.
> BMWTECH      Bryn Mawr Women 1993 Tech Vision.  @indycms.
> EDUCOM-W     Women and information technology.  @cunyvm.
> EWM          European Women in Mathematics.  Brook feminist philosophy. 
> FEMREL-L     Open disc. of women, religion & feminist theology.  @Mizzou1.
> FIST-L       Feminism in/and Science & Technology.  @dawn.hampshire.edu
> GENDER       Study of Communications and Gender.  @rpitsvm.
> GEOFEM       Gender issues in Geography.  @ukcc.
> H-WOMEN      Women's History.  @uicvm.
> HELWA-L      Malaysian women in U.S. & Canada.  @P-L       Society for
Women in Philosophy & Info
. Science.  @cfrvm.
> SYSTERS      Professional women in Computer Science
>                systers-request@decwrl.dec.com
> VTWOMEN      Virginia Tech Women.  @vtvm1.
> WHIRL        Women's History in Rhetoric and Language.  @psuvm.
> WIML-L       Women's Issues in Music Librarianship.  @iubvm.
> WISENET      Women in Science & Engineering Netwix.com
> WWP-L        Brown University Women Writers Project.  @Brownvm.