I suppose I should say something here to the effect that "the material
in this document does not reflect any official position taken by Cray
Research, Inc."  Also, "use at your own risk", "no endorsement of
products mentioned", etc., etc.  "IMHO"s are implicit throughout.

I've tried to keep my own biases (primarily, toward the high end of
computing) from dominating what I write here, and other viewpoints that
I've missed are welcome.  Suggestions, corrections, topics you'd like
to see covered, and additional material (particularly on NLP) are
solicited.  Comments to the effect "who died and made *you* optimal?"
will likely be ignored.  8v)

In compiling this information, I have drawn on my own knowledge of the
field, plus information from contributors to Usenet groups and the
ORCS-L mailing list.  I give my thanks to all those who have offered
advice and support.

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Copies of this FAQ list may be made freely, as long as it is
distributed at no charge and with this disclaimer included.

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