The VICTORIA TELECOMMUNITY NETWORK is a community-based computer network 
available at no cost to residents and visitors of the Greater Victoria 

Modeled on the highly successful Cleveland Free-Net, our service goals 

* computer-mediated communications among VICTORIA TELECOMMUNITY NETWORK 
  users and community members;
* easy access to information posted by community organizations, 
  individuals, businesses, and government;
* community events information;
* worldwide electronic mail;
* access to selected online public access resources throughout the 
  world; and
* alternative news services

The VICTORIA TELECOMMUNITY NETWORK is run by a core of dedicated volunteers 
belonging to the VICTORIA FREENET ASSOCIATION, a registered non-profit 
society formed on June 17, 1992.

If you would like further information on how to become involved in the 
VICTORIA TELECOMMUNITY NETWORK, please send an e-mail message to