Subject: Renewing your Telecommunity Net Account

The Board of Directors of Victoria Telecommunity Network (VTN) recently 
decided that we need to get our user accounts renewed annually. The Board 
has also decided that we need to get proof of identity on all new 
registrations and the existing ones as they are renewed. We hope that you 
will want to renew your relationship with VTN for another year by 
renewing your account. Details of how to do that are given below.


The annual renewal process is going to help us keep our contact
information up to date and allow us to keep up to date information on how 
many people actually use VTN. It also gives you, the beneficiary of our 
existence, an annual opportunity to show your support for VTN by donating.

VTN relies almost exclusively on donations from users to pay our day to 
day expenses.  In order to keep this service going and to keep it
accessible to everyone in our community we need to increase donations 
coming from you the user.

Since donations are such a significant factor in VTN's ability to pay our 
day to day expenses please consider making a donation with your renewal.

Memberships in the Association are $25 per year.  We hope that all of you 
will become members.  Further donations are, of course, always welcome. 
Some people send us a series of post dated cheques.

If your membership has been renewed recently and you have thus received 
this message in error, please accept our apologies.


To renew your VTN account there are just three steps to take:

1) Make a signed copy of this form on a standard sized 8 1/2"x11" piece 
of paper. (Using this size paper will help us when processing your 
renewal.) You can hand write or type the form. "I wish to continue to use 
my VTN account and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the User 
Agreement. I am also enclosing a photocopy of my current ID (or a 
donation on a personalized cheque) and I'm including my current address 
and phone number."

Signed:__________________________              User ID:______________

Date:___________________ Phone:_______________________





Signature of parent or guardian:_________________________________(if under
18 years of age)

[  ] I have included  __ post-dated cheques for $___ each.
[  ] Please charge $____ to my Visa Account

[  ]   every month [  ] quarterly for the next year

Expiry date on the card is  __________.

Now 2) Attach a photocopy of a piece of current ID to the form or use a 
personalized cheque for your membership.

    3) Mail the form from above (please make sure that you include all 
the information and that you sign the form and don't forget to include 
your donation) to:

Victoria Telecommunity Network
220 - 4252 Commerce Circle
Victoria, BC, V8Z 4M2, Canada


When your renewal is processed by us we will send you an acknowledgement 
via e-mail. Please allow up to two weeks for mailing and processing.

Your renewal is good for one year. Next year a renewal notice will be 
sent to you one month prior to your renewal date. If you don't want to 
renew your account then simply do nothing.

Unrenewed accounts will eventually be deleted as we need room for new 
users.  We hope that you'll renew your account.

Thank you.

Why should I support VTN?

 Victoria Teleommunity Network serves the community of Southern Vancouver

Here's who benefits from your support:
--Many community groups and agencies using VTN to communicate with the 
--Everyone using VTN to access community information, find out about 
government agencies, learn about telecommunications technology, 
communicate with friends, make new friends online.
--Support groups and people with disabilities who use VTN to connect to 
the world.
--Job hunters and others who need information about jobs,
telecommunications experience, or computer skills.
--Programmers and networkers who use VTN as a training ground to develop 
their skills.
--Small businesses, entrepreneurs and home based businesses who need 
access when they are starting up.

VTN financial data for the years ending October 1996 and October 1997 can 
be found online by starting at the main menu and choosing #1, #12 and 
then either # 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on how you are viewing it or which 
year you want.

You can see that expenses exceeded donations in each of the last two 
years and they continue to do so causing VTN to draw from its cash reserves.

By joining together to share costs you ensure that the system can be
accessed by the thousands who use it daily and by the ever increasing 
numbers who are signing up eager to be part of the information society. 
Your donation, large or small, makes Victoria Telecommunity Network 

Thank you for your time and happy netting.