Although many people recognize The Salvation Army as one of the 
world's most effective and trusted social service agencies that 
reaches out constantly to those in need, few seem to know that
the Salvation Army is an Evangelical Christian Church.  Putting its
Christian beliefs and principles into practical action has motivated
The Salvation Army for over 125 years to reach out to people in
trouble, people in need, people in prison, people who are lost, people
who are hungry, people who are lonely, and people who are lacking

The Salvation Army is reaching out to help people today in over 
100 countries as well  as in Victoria.  The Salvation Army is 
working in the refugee camps in Asia and Africa.  It is helping 
the lepers in Indonesia, the sick in India and the blind in 
Jamaica.  In Canada, The Salvation Army operates alcohol and drug 
rehabilitation centres, hospitals, seniors homes, suicide 
prevention services, emergency services,  women's shelters as
well as helping the street people and assisting individuals in

But behind this social service face is The Salvation Army Church 
which is called a "corps".  In most communities The Salvation
Army corps hold worship services on Sunday mornings and evenings.
Members of The Salvation Army are called Salvationists and they 
come from all walks of life.  There are business people, 
professional people, trades people, students and retired people.  
Anyone and everyone is welcome.

   The Salvation Army motto - "Heart To God And Hand To Man".