Stad Family Tree

This picture was taken in December 2008. From the top left a re:
(My Siblings) John, Randy, Diny, and Albert (me)
Loretta (John's wife), Cristina (Randy's wife), Alison, Nellie (mom), Ann (my wife)
Nicole (John & Loretta's), Bill (dad), Evan (John & Loretta's)
(and my four girls:)AnnaLise, Maria
Sarah and Melanie

Listed below are the generations of my family tree. For the full genealogy, contact me at the link below and I'll send you a GEDCOM file. The partial genealogy can also be found at Geni.comWikiTree.Com, Family Search and Family Tree Maker
Another useful site with my genealogy and historical photos is Links to more of my resources at that site too.
  • AnnaLise Hietkamp

  • Albert Stadt
  • Willem Lieuwe Stad(t)
    • Nellie Dieuwke Zijp

  • Jan Stad(t)
    born: Jan 14 1896
    Lutten, Overijssel, The Netherlands
    died: c.Dec 5 1984
    Victoria, BC, Canada
      married:May 20 1930
      Hardenberg, Overijssel, The Netherlands
    • Antje Helena Boonstra
      born:Feb 8 1902
      Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      died: March 2 1984
      Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Willem Stad
    born: June 14 1854
    Nyeveen, Drenthe, The Netherlands
    died: Feb 6 1937
    Lutten, Overijssel, The Netherlands
    • Luchiena Van Goor
      born:July 28 1858
      Sneek, Friesland, The Netherlands
      died:Sept. 30 1929

  • Thys Jan Stad
    born: July 4 1809
    Nyeveen, Drenthe, The Netherlands
    died: Nov 20 1896
      married:April 24 1809
    • Grietje Alberts Van Basten
      born:April 4 1812
      Wanneperveen, Overijssel, The Netherlands
      died:Feb. 8 1894

  • Jan Thijs Stad
    born: Abt Mar 1769
    Rouveen, Overijssel, The Netherlands
    died: 5 Jul 1846
      married:4 Nov 1792
    • Roelofje Hendriks
      born:Abt Oct 1765
      Havelte, Drenthe

  • Thijs Peters
    born: Abt Aug 1735
    Nieuwleusen, Overijssel
      married: 8 May 1763
    • Hendrikje Jans

  • Peter Jans
    born:Abt 1690
    died:Abt 1748
    • Willempje Claas
      died:Abt 1748


  • I have many more names and much more information available. This is just the direct listing of ancestors. For example, I have extensive information on the "Zijp" family (My Mother's clan).
  • I have data on earlier generations than what is shown here.
  • My Grandfather was born "Jan Stad". When he applied for Canadian citizenship, he changed the spelling to "Stadt". Because the spelling changed in their lifetimes, I've listed the lastnames of Jan (my grandfather) and Willem (my father) as "Stad(t)". It was my grandfather's understanding that the name had been spelled "Stadt" in earlier generations, but so far, my research hasn't born this out. In any case, the most direct links to my family tree will be from the "Stad" family.
  • If any of the above names are included in your genealogy, please contact me!
    I would love to exchange data with you!

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