From: Connie Fogal <>


Cc: Catherine Whelan Costen <>


Dr. M. I. Elmasry, National President - Canadian Islamic Congress


Dear Sir:


I apologize for not getting back to you sooner on these fundamental issues of civil liberties and foreign policy. Until today, I have had to focus on my  administrative responsibilities and duties respecting the candidate nomination process  and Election Canada deadlines. That is now over freeing me to  turn my attention to substantive policy issues.


I have only a few hours to meet your January 05 /06 deadline. It is 5:00 pm Vancouver time.  I have a radio show to do shortly. About 9:00 pm our time I can begin to provide full answer to you detailing CAP policy  to satisfy you that only the Canadian Action Party is addressing these core issues honestly and head on. That will already be midnight for you and the beginning of January 05/06 your deadline but presumably and hopefully we can still participate in your report.


In the meantime, I hope you have already taken the opportunity to visit the CAP website at and read my three part article called "The Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our Own Government" I will forward to you that article by e mail for your ready reference. This article sets out the basis of our foreign policy plank


Also if you visit the site you will see my work in opposition to the anti-terrorism laws in my role  as a director and leader of the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee. I think we posted there the arguments of   Rocco Galati, lawyer representing your organization's opposition before  the Parliamentary committee bringing in the anti-terrorism laws. You will see me and others defending civil liberties and opposing all the liberty stripping legislation imposed on us post 9/11.


The Canadian  Action Party has in convention formally adopted the principles espoused by The Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee presenting them as one of our four pillars of principle :  civil liberties .


No other party is addressing these issues head on as we are. No one but us has the will or courage to say what needs to be said in defence of liberty, sovereignty,national independence, democracy and freedom.  Only CAP openly acknowledges that the anti-terrorism laws are racist targeting the Islamic community. Only the Canadian Action  Party calls for the revocation of The Antiterrorism Act and the Public Safety Act.


The anti-terrorist legislation, as you know, was under review just before the government fell. The new government can start afresh in review, or it can continue  from  the developments at time of the fall.  That will be most unfortunate, as the  prevailing sentiment was to enhance and extend  the liberty stripping powers propelling Canada further into a police state in harmony with the state of review of  the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act.


The NDP supported Canada's anti terrorist acts and call now only for a bit of tinkering, just as they do with NAFTA.  CAP calls for full and complete abrogation of NAFTA and full opposition to the new Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed by Mr Martin, Mr Bush, and Mr Fox in March of 2005. THE NDP has been silent on that agreement.The Greens say nothing about it.


The Greens are split on abrogation of NAFTA and fail to call for revocation of The Anti-terrorism Act and the Public Safety Act.  Like the NDP they talk ineffectually of civil liberties. . WE cannot live under the regime imposed by this anti-terrorist  legislation and be free.


My article also explains the militarization of Canada under the Binational Planning Agreement.CAP opposes this fully. The NDP and the Greens are silent on this agreement. The agreement is  in place in principle and in effect in practice. That agreement surrenders Canada to the "Fortress America" agenda of the USA.


The Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement is the vehicle implementing the infrastructure and regime change to effect "Fortress America."


Under the Liberals and the Conservatives  a regime change is being effected in Canada. We are    being dismantled and delivered over to the agenda of the North American Corporate elite. The anti-terrorism laws are the tools to prevent the citizens from rebelling against that control and domination. Fear is the weapon. The Muslim community is the scapegoat.


Neither the NDP nor the  Green Party see this picture. Only CAP calls the process what it is: treason.


Yours respectfully,


Connie Fogal, Leader