Calli on fridge

This is a picture of Calli guarding some bananas.

John and Cats

This is John being possessed by sleeping cats.

Calli and paper

Calli 'helping' me wrap Christmas presents.

Calli in scratching

Calli inside her scratching post

Puff on windowsill

Puff on the windowsill

Calli in a drawer

A very long kitty in a drawer

Calli in the bathroom sink

Puff watching TV

Calli showing off her

Puff and a purple

Puff on my dresser

Puff on scratching post

Puff on fridge

Calli in the tub

John and Calli

John and Puff

Puff on Catopoly Board

This is Puff playing "Catopoly."

Calli and pizza

Calli is tired out after helping herself to pizza.


The newest addition to my family: Poupee

Madam Troublinksi's Award

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