These are some hilarious quotes that have been spoken throughtout the year by various people I know.

Duey: "Get on your balls!" (referring to the balls of your feet)

Me: "Sponge me!" (meaning give the sponge to me)
Duey: "Isn't that Dean's job?"

Dean: "the eyes get big!"

Me: "We bought some Captain Crotch!" (captain crunch)

Ed, a long time ago: "Someone do me up the back!" (referring to having the zipper on the back of her dress done up)

Lisa: "It's limp and mushy.... just like Konrad!"

Rob: "Hey officer...wanna hold my beam? Careful, it's fragile!".. and later on.. "Ok, stick my beam into the hole.. careful, careful... harder... THERE!" (referring to fireworks we had)

Klaus: "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose."

me to a very screwed up Ayako: "What have you been drinking?"
Ayako: "Marijuana."

Ayako (showing me a pic of Cam, who played Jacob in our PACE show): "Look! Jack off! Jack off!" (Jack off = Jacob)

Ayako talking to Doug: "Your name... like 'Woof woof'?"
Doug: "No.. Doug, not dog.."
Ayako: "Oh... like bird? 'Quack quack'? (making wild arm flapping movements)"

Shamus to me on ICQ: "So whatcha doing?"
Me: "Gettin' off." (meaning that I was gettin off the comp)

Me: "So, Maegan, what're you doing for the 'Help Fill A Dream' concert?"
Maegan: "I think I'll do a monologue."
Me: "Oh yeah? With who?"

We (me, Cynthia, Tab, Maegan and Denise) were talking about a little prank we were gonna play on Ed:
Denise: "No, don't, it's mean!"
Me to the others: "Don't listen to her! She has morals!"

Dallas: "There's no turning back now - I've Vaselined him ALL up!" (referring to a mask he was making)

Meaghan: "Every now and then she'll whip it out!" (referring to Kopan's baseball bat)

Maegan: "No one told me I had to Vaseline my plasticine!"

Moi: "Spank me, and call me a muncle's uncle!"

Moi aussi: "Curly hair does something for me."
Meg: "Oh *reallllly*??"

Matt to Chris: "Oo Oo! Go down on me!" (sword fighting)

Maegan: "Vaseline has *SO* many uses!"

Jeremy: "I love making teachers cry! It must be, like, the best feeling in the world!"

Meg, talking about her Zoodles, to Cynthia, who was using the microwave: "Hurry up! They're getting cold!"

Lisa: "The baby ate your dingo!"

Pete: "In downtown India.."

Bonnie, while watching a movie with subtitles: "Shh! I can't hear!"

Meg: "Fetus farm!" (you don't even WANT to know)

Mr. Froess, talking about older men having children (about how men continue to produce sperm even in their 70's): "Just not as much, and not as quick!"

Sukhpal: "Spontaneous lesbian sex!"

Someone in Journalism/Creative Writing: "Pft.. China.. Japan.. same thing."

Jen: "You realise we're all just big fetuses."

Someone at Jen's camp: "If you're so Goth, then why aren't you dead?"

Me: "I need ideas for birthday gifts."
Jen: "Crack."
Me: "No, personal ones."
Jen: "Crack with their name on it."

Mom: "I'm supposed to be teaching you to be compassionate and all that crap."

Matt: "You know, every once in a while, you gotta stop and just pick yer nose. Cause sometimes it just needs a good pickin'."

Meaghan, referring to a large walking piece of oddly shaped grass: "Hey, do you suppose that's a folical symbol?"

Sheldon: "My pants are loaded!"

Jenn: "Hey, wanna play muff?"

Meg: "Eyeballs aren't magnetic!"

Smeghead: "well you're not allowed to say that someone has a defect. You can only say that they are challenged in some way. Even if they are losing the challenge."

Smeghead talking about pychiatrists: "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a Frontal Lobotomy"

steve44^^: "me too....i washed my kilt this morning and cant do a Fling with it"

Meg: "Eyeballs ARE magnetic!"

SuddenSam: "I want to need you like constipation needs Ex-Lax"

Nomad_Skittie: "rugby is like an organized orgy"

Rob: "Green peppers, you are voted OFF the pizza!"

Rob: "Your fingers are voted OFF my nipples!"

Dean: "Smell this paper! It smells like pickles!"

Camielle, referring to Andrian's mallets on the video of our perc. concert: "Andrian looks like he has no balls on his stick!"

These following ones I stole from Jen Wilcox:

Lindsay (in library on comp): "Look Jen... 'Ask Jeeves for Kids'!"
Jen: "Hey Jeeves.. Can I have some kids?"

"Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity"

yes i know i have forgotten tons. send em to me and up they'll go!

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