Will of Thomas Herries

A true and perfect inventorye of all and singuler the goods and chattells of Thomas Herries late deceased in the parishe of St. Gregoryes in Norwich prysed by us William Rogers and Gregorye Wesbye the xvth daye of October in the year of our Lord God 1599.

In primis: one borded bedsted 3s. 4d.
Item: one mattresse and one under cloathe 1s. 6d.
Item: one flocke bed 2s. 6d.
Item: one bolster 2s. 0d.
Item: one downe pillowe and an old cushaigne 1s. 6d.
Item: two leather pillows filled with feathers 3s. 4d.
Item: one payer of shetes 2s. 0d.
Item: one drye barrell 3d.
Item: one old cofer 2s. 0d.
Item: 2 salt boxes 1s. 0d.
Item: one hake, a fryer pann, a payer of tonges and a rostinge yron 1s. 6d.
Item: one litle ketle, a sawer and 3 pewter spoones 2s. 6d.
Item: 3 little boles 1s. 0d.
Item: one ketle, one potspone, 28 trenyens 1s. 0d.
Item: 2 woodinge platters and 5 dishes and twoo erthen potts 8d.
Item: a stone pott and 5 galley pottes 4d.
Item: a hamper and certen old washe 6d.
Item: 4 frayles and 2 stooles 6d.
Item: a little table and 4 stoles 3s. 0d
Item: 3 chiselles, 2 hamers and a perser 8d.
Item: 3 old cushings 6d.
Item: 2 payers of hand cuffes and one dozen of hand kerchers and an old pillowbere 2s. 6d.
Item: 2 old shirtes 1s. 8d.
Item: one old forme and 2 old cappes 1s. 0d.
Total: £1 18s. 5d.

Money amounts were given in Roman numerals in the original. Mr. Herries was a labourer.

Pound, J.F., "The Elizabethan Corporation of Norwich, 1558-1603", Birmingham University M.A., 1962, p. 121


Transcribed by G.Edward Godwin for research purposes.
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