Who is Duncan Macquarrie?


My real name is G. Edward (Ted) Godwin and I am a graduate of the University of Victoria (BA '89), in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. [My Personal Webpage]

I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism in my first year at UVic. I created the Duncan Macquarrie persona soon after I joined. I still enjoy attending SCA events but there was something missing: quality.

For this reason I am also a member of the Pacific Association for Recreating the Middle Ages (PARMA) which has a similar focus but holds single-period events that involve much more accuracy than your standard SCA event.

I am still working on a seventeenth century persona for this group named Edward Godwin. Perhaps someday I can convince enough people locally to "go cavalier" and create a unit affiliated with the Trayned Bandes of London.

Duncan Macquarrie:

Is a Highland soldier who served with King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in Germany killing Spaniards (Hey, it's a living!) during the Thirty Years War.

The Highlands of Scotland provided thousands of troops to serve in Ireland and on the Continent from 1550-1650. Mercenary captains were paid to bring whole regiments to serve. In the chaos of early seventeenth century Germany, many a fortune was won and lost.

Now "retired" to a life of comfort in England with the proceeds of my adventures I see bad things in the future if King Charles does not redress the greivences of parliament. A civil war in England could make it a wasteland like I saw in Germany.

SCA Awards/Affiliations: Award of Arms, Goutte de Sange (grant of arms for service), Magister Ithra, Sergeant-at-Arms to the Baroness Seagirt, Order of the Seagull (local service award), Fellow of St. Giles College.

Edward Godwin, b. 1602:

Is a bookseller (maybe stationer but that seems legally tricky) in the city of Norwich which is the second-largest city in the kingdom in the 1630's.

Edward is also a member of the city's trayned bandes, a "modern" militia created in the reign of Elizabeth I. Some experience in the low countries has given Edward a firm grounding in military life.

Experience of the religious wars on the continent and the large number of non-English living in Norwich has made him a moderate Anglican. In fact he goes to church because that is what is expected and not out of any deep devotion. Hard-line and fringe protestant groups seem almost as dangerous as papists.

That's about all that is known so far. Edward is still a "work in progress" or as they say on the web, he is "under construction".