Mia Shinbrot

This website is under construction. Contents are subject to change without notice.

Who am I? I really hate answering that question. I always assume that people will learn who I am from reading what I write. So here are a few things I have written. Most of them are postings from various SIGs on the Victoria Telecommunity Network, formerly known as the Vancouver Island Freenet Association.

I live with four cats, collectively known as The Tribe. Their names are Uathe, Hawthorn, Thoth, and Midnight. One day I was asked where their names came from, and here is what I answered: Names of The Tribe.
Note for pedants: I misspelled a certain person's name in the original posting. This misspelling, or miscapitalization, has been corrected in the version you see here.

In addition to The Tribe, there are a varying number of visitor cats who drop by at irregular intervals. The most notorious of them is Sebastian/Seymore. I was originally told by a neighbour that his name is Sebastian. However, months later I talked to his human herself, and she told me his name is really Seymore. But Sebastian fits him better, so in my household he goes by either name or both. Here's one of the things I've written about him: Sebastian's Indictment.

And here's a recent accomplishment of mine: The Window Closes.

This was not written by me; I have no idea who originally wrote it. But it's such an amazing item, in the historical sense, that I want it on my webpage. The origins of railroad gauge -- why it must be as it is.

Professionally, I have 15 years of experience as a software programmer. I am now, by choice, concentrating on technical writing rather than programming; I prefer it, I see a great need for good technical writing, and I do it well. Here are two copies of my resume: a functional resume, and, for those who prefer it, a historical resume as well.

And now here's a mailing list I belong to. It's a collection of very odd people, among whom I am neither the most nor the least odd. The Star Trek Women's Terrorist Task Force.