Just A Bit About Me

I don't really know what I should say about me, that anyone would really want to know.

I don't think that I'm all that interesting a person... but then again this is just the way I tend to view my life.
If you want to see Where On The World I live, I have a page for that:

  • ~Where Am I?~ a graphics browser is required to see the mapwork. I live in a community on the southern end of Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada. This area is part of the Province of British Columbia, with Victoria being the provincial capital city. I live just outside of Greater Victoria.

    At one time I knew what to say when asked about myself... I was one of those 1970's &'80's era "Supermom's". I was busy building my career as a Heritage Resource Management Consultant, using my years of university study and hands on experience with heritage sites and old buildings to use in my local community and region. The Victoria, B.C. Canada area is world known for it's love of it's heritage. I served many years as the Chair of the Heritage Committee of the City of Colwood, for which I designed a system for the inventory and assessment of older buildings and historical sites which was subsequently adopted as the provincial standard for British Columbia. My work continues today to make a better community tomorrow.
     I also was active in volunteering in my local area. I served several terms as a director and then as President of the Goldstream Region Museum Society, who's small museum I managed for many years. I was active with Parent/Teacher organizations, donated time as a volunteer at the local food bank, and spent a year as an officer with the Navy League of Canada Admiral Falls Cadet Corp. Those young cadets have energy to spare and every outing was an adventure.

    My Self View

    I used to define myself by the roles I played in society. I stress the words "used to". All this began to change when I became quite sick and disabled late in 1990 by a double whammy of Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephaomyelitis.. aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, and a host of other alias'.. disorders that are much misunderstood and much more life devastating than a few aching muscles and feeling a bit tired all the time. A host of other disorder tags have been added, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Neurogenic Bladder, Osteoarthritis, Chemical Sensitivities, Post Herpatic Nerve Pain Syndrome, and in 2002 I had Multiple Schlerosis added.

    Today most of my past life, past role designations, no longer apply. I no longer even recognize my past work as being done by me... so much have I changed. I have lost so much that the world I was once part of is truly foreign to me.

    It has been a long and trying process learning to accept and cope with disability and chronic illness on a day to day basis. I now see myself in a far different way that I once did. My focus and priorities have changed along the way. But there is still the hope that comes each spring when I have my seasonal remission when I often forget how fragile my body truly is.. only to be followed by a sudden and deep relapse when summer heat combines with my headlong persuit of doing all I can manage to do. Then I must did out my coping skills and learn acceptance all over again. As long as there is spring there will be hope of a cure, hope of a return to health.

    I have keep diaries since I was a young teenager. I have been told that I have a gift for putting words into pictures. Friends suggested that I gather up my diaries, my poems, and my writings about my life and make a book. I did, and I have put it on this website.

    Valley of Shadows

    Bio Stuff...

    I was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada on February 23, 1956. I married right out of highschool, and have birthed two children (and have been claimed as Second Mom by about a dozen more). We have energetic young grandchildren by way of our foster kids.

  • The Gang

    I managed to go to university during my "Supermom" days and hold a B.A. from the University of Lethbridge(Alberta, Canada) in Anthropology, with extensive studies in Psychology and Sociology. I've a certificate in Museum Studies as well. I still enjoy learning new things, but often I am faced with having to relearn things I once knew but now cannot recall.

    I currently reside in the community of Langford, British Columbia, Canada, which is just outside of the communities that make up Greater Victoria, on the lower tip of Vancouver Island. we have lived in this area since 1984.

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    No longer able to be active in the real world outside of my home, I am active in cyberspace as my health allows. I am a co-owner and administrator of an email support group for Canadians who are affected my CFIDS/ME, Fibromyalgia and like disorders. I am also the internet reporter for my local real-world support group (MEVA) newsletter. I have attempted to learn how to build web pages so I am do not have to rely upon others to make my story, and my artwork, known via the World Wide Web.

    Special Interests I have....

    I have a passion for CATS... my constant companions and dear friends. They keep me amused and sometimes drive me to distraction. I have cat stuff all over my house.. cat figurines, cat posters, cat coasters, toy cats. I have even given them their own web page.

  • CatTails

    I feel most at peace with my cats in my little GARDEN... Digging in the earth and being able to take a seed and grow it into a beautiful flower or a meal for my family brings me the greatest of joys. Having my kitty friends chase bugs and keep me company while I putter in my garden brings me great happiness. Here I feel one with the earth.

    I also dabble in ART.. drawing and painting by hand on paper with coloured pencil and watercolour markers. In recent times I have taken to painting upon driftwood brances, making Prayer Poles. Part totem pole and part prayer candle that never goes out, Prayer Poles have deep spiritual meaning for me.
     My artwork started out as art therapy for me. Because my illness affectsthe wiring of my brain and nervous system I am forever in the process of doing rehab with my hands to compensate. Artwork helps with this while allowing for an outlet of emotions.
      Of course Cats have been a primary source of inspiration for my artwork, and I have no shortage of willing models.. at least when they are asleep... I paint out my moods, my emotions and my pains, along with my joys. I have many of my artwork pieces on another website for viewing or downloading as wallpaper.

  • My Art Pages

    There is a spiritual side of me as well,and another website to take a peek at
  • My Spirit's Dancing
    Poke around my pages for more aspects of me.. This site, like me, is a work in progress. You never know what changes you may find..

    Phyllis Griffiths

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