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I sometimes get emails asking me how I have been doing since putting "Valley of Shadows" on this website, and I really do not know how to answer. Life changes day by day, season by season. Nothing goes unchanged for long. As I am in the habit of posting letters and rambles to the mailing lists I belong to, I have often been asked to log these on my website as a kind of online diary. After much consideration I've decided to give this a try and see what happens.

I have played around with setting this up in an HTML format, but I don't have the brain power for the task at the moment. Not in the fancy graphical format that is so popular on the WWW these days, and I certainly do not want to use a "free" site with their advertising, third party mumbo-jumbo and copyright grabbing.

So what I will do is to use simple text pages attached to this simple webpage. Each month will have a page. Some files are in reverse order, with the newest posts on the top. Others are in Chronological order(chrono).

Hope you are having a good day..

* A Burden Shared is a Burden Halved.
  A Smile Shared is a Smile Multiplied.



A year of new beginings


A year of bittersweet reunions and fond farewells



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