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In 1996 The Cybermouse Joke Squad started out with a small group of friends who swapped jokes via email. Jokes were often copied out of magazines, newspapers and joke books or taken from radio or TV shows.
   Soon the friends started sharing the jokes with their friends, who then shared with their friends. Before long the jokes first sent out by The Cybermouse made their way back as part of joke list newsletters.. with the original typo's intact! Original authors are always credited for material when their identity is known, but most jokes are forwarded anony-mousely.

Although the Joke Squad has been busy since 1996, the jokes were not archived. In July of 2002 The Cybermouse started to collect the humour of the inbox in this archive. Postings are stored under the months in which they were sent out. A second grouping sorts the posts under categories. The monthly files are updated throughout the month, and the category area is often updated and expanded upon. All posts that go out to the Joke Squad end up in a Monthly file.. but not every joke is put into a Category file. ;-]

There can be too much of a good thing...
so this site will only be keeping the most recent additions to the Cybermouse Joke Squad files. The OLDEST ARCHIVES and the OLD JOKEBOOK files can be found at:


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The Old Cybermouse Jokesquad Archive


*Air Travel  *Another Darn Virus  *Around The House
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*Cannibals  *Cat's Life   *Chickens
*Courtroom Antics
*Dear John..   *Daffynitions  *Dim-Wits
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*Hillbilly Joe  *Him & Her
*In The Bedroom  *In The Newspapers
*IQ Brain Twisters
*Just For Americans  * Just For Canucks
*Leave It To Bob  *Legal Matters
*Leave A Message  *Let It Snow
*Little Jenny and Johnny  *Love The Irish
*Married Life  *Medical World  *Men Are Like...
*Merry Christmas  *Military Life  *Mothers
*Ole's Antics  *Once Upon A Time...  *On The Job
*On The Trains  *One Liners
*Pets  *Punny Stuff  *Pun-Liners

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The old jokes are at the Old Cybermouse Jokebook webpage.

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