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Welcome to Disguise the Limit Costume Rentals 

Phone: 250-479-1156


Because of the volume of customers at Halloween time our procedures have to be slightly different than the rest of the year.

Rentals are for one day only. If you require the costume for a second day you are charged an extra half rental per day.

At the time you book your costume you need to pay at least $10 of the rental. If you cancel or change your costume before October 21st there is a $10 cancellation charge. Costumes must be paid in full by October 21st. All costumes booked after October 21st must be paid in full when booked. Costumes canceled after that date will be refunded only if the costume is re-rented.

Our Halloween bookings start in August and recommend enthusiastic Halloween renters arriving before the end of September. You have the greatest costume selection and accessory availability at that time.

Many customers prefer to leave the security deposit prior to pick-up because it makes the costume pick-up go more quickly and smoothly.

Please bring your invoice when you come to pick-up your booked costume as it helps us to find your costume faster amongst all the Halloween rentals. If you are picking up a costume for a friend it is even more critical that you bring the invoice because it is extremely difficult to find a costume if the only information you can give us is that the costume was rented by your cousin Tony's girlfriend who you think is a blond or maybe a red head.

We try to make the rental procedures go smoothly but you have a lot of choices to make and we have a lot of information to take, so allow yourself enough time. Choosing your costume should be part of the fun of wearing it. You would be amazed at the valuable cape wearing advice, that you can pick up from other customers.