Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
November 1999 Song Of The Month


© Words and Music by Cyril Tawney
Skipper in the wardroom drinkin' gin,
 Hey yo, chicken on a raft!
I don't mind knockin', but I ain't goin' in!
 Hey yo, chicken on a raft!
The Jimmy's laughin' like a drain,
 Hey yo, chicken on a raft!
He's lookin' at me,'comic cuts' again!
 Hey yo, chicken on a raft!
 Chicken on a raft on a Monday mornin',
 Oh, what a terrible sight to see,
 'Dabtoe's for'ard and the dustman's aft,
 Sittin' there pickin' at a chicken on a raft!
 Hi ho!
 Chicken on a raft!
 Hey yo,
 Chicken on a raft!
 Hi ho!
 Chicken on a raft!
 Hey yo,
 Chicken on a raft!
Gave me the middle and the forenoon too,
And now I'm pullin' in the whaler's crew.
Seagulls wheelin' overhead,
I oughter be home in me featherbed!
I had a little girl in Donny-Bee,
And did she make a fool of me.
Her heart was like a pusser's shower,
Run hot to cold in a quarter of an hour!
We kissed goodbye on a midnight bus,
She didn't cry and she didn't fuss,
Am I the one she loves the best,
Or just a cuckoo in another man's nest?
An Amazon girl lived in Dumfries,
Only had her kids in two's and three's,
She's got a sister in Maryhill,
Says she won't but I think she will!

Posted with Permission

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