Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
December 2004 Song Of The Month


When first I landed in Liverpool,
I went upon a spree,
Me hard earned cash, I spent it fast,
Got drunk as I could be.
An' when me money was all gone,
'Twas then I wanted more,
But a man must be blind for to make up his mind
To go to sea once more.
Once more, me boys, once more
To go to sea once more.
A man must be blind for to make up his mind **
To go to sea once more.
** Hereafter insert the penultimate line of each verse into the chorus after that verse.
That night I slept with Angeline,
Too drunk to roll in bed,
Me clothes was new, an' me money was too;
Next morn with them she fled,
An' as I rolled a-down the street,
The whores they all did roar;
There goes Jack Ratcliffe, poor sailor boy,
Who must go to sea once more.
Now as I was rollin' down the street,
I met ol' Shanghai Brown,
I axed him for to take me in;
He looked at me wid a frown
Sez he, "Last time yiz was paid off wid me ye chalked no score,
But I'll take a chance an' give an advance
An' I'll send ye to sea once more."
He shipped me aboard a whalin' ship
Bound for the Arctic seas,
Where the cold winds blow an' there's ice and snow
An' Jamaicky rum do freeze,
I can't stay here, I have no gear, an' I've spent all my money ashore,
'Twas then that I said that I wished I was dead,
So I'd go to sea no more.
Sometimes we caught them bowheads, boys,
Some days we did catch none,
Wid a twenty foot oar stuck in yer paw,
We pulled the whole day long,
An' when the night it came along, an' ye dozed upon yer oar,
Yer back so weak, yiz never could seek
A berth at sea no more.
Come all ye bold seafarin' men and listen to me song,
When yiz come off them damn long trips
I'll tell yiz what goes wrong,
Take my advice,
Don't drink strong drink, nor go sleepin' with any old whore,
But get married lads, an' have all night in,
An' go to sea no more!

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