Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
June 1999 Song Of The Month


(Capstan or Pump Shanty)

I heard, I heard the old man say,
 John Kanaka-naka tu-lai-ay!
Today, today is a holiday,
 John Kanaka-naka tu-lai-ay!
 Tu-lai-ay, oh! Tu-lai-ay!
 John Kanaka-naka tu-lai-ay!
We'll work tomorrow, but no work today,
We'll work tomorrow, but no work today.
We're bound away for Frisco Bay,
We're bound away at the break o' day.
We're bound away around Cape Horn,
We wish to Christ we'd never been born!
Oh haul, oh haul, oh haul away,
Oh haul away, an' make yer pay!

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