Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
October 1999 Song Of The Month


 Hail ya ho, boys, let her go, boys,
 Bring her head round and all together,
 Hail ya ho, boys, let her go, boys,
 Sailing homeward to Mingalay.
What care we how wild the Minch is,
What care we for windy weather?
Hail ya ho, boys, every inch is
Sailing closer to Mingalay.
Wives and sweethearts on the hillside,
Looking seaward through the heather,
Let her go, boys, and we'll anchor,
Ere the sun sets on Mingalay.
When the wind is wild with shouting,
And the waves mount ever higher,
Anxious eyes turn ever seaward,
To see us home, boys, to Mingalay.

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