Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
August 1999 Song Of The Month


Oh my Johnny's 'cross the river I heard a young girl say
Oh rock and row me over, one more day!
 One more day me Johnny,
 One more day!
 Oh rock and row me over, one more day!
Oh, row me to my lover, tell him I won't delay
Soon we'll be in clover, one more day
Oh Johnny he's a rover, he says he'll sail away
He wants to leave the river, one more day
But stay my John and tarry for just another day
'tis you I want to marry, one more day
I'm almost broken-hearted, I can no longer stay
How long must we be parted? One more day
So do not fear my beauty, I can no longer stay
And love makes way for duty, One more day
I've seen the sea-birds flying, ashore from o'er the bay
I felt they all were cryin', one more day
The seabirds take the warning which one and all obey
The tempest soon is storming, one more day
So heave on-side the anchor, we sail out of the bay
Heave on-side the anchor, one more day

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