Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
October 2007 Song Of The Month


Words and Music: Geoff Noble
We left Vancouver Frisco bound, behind us we've two loaded scows,
Then turn around and head with ease, into Alaskan seas,
Our engines roaring loud and strong, 6000 horses all in tow,
We take all the Pacific gives as northward we do go.
Now it's one more pull and we'll be gone,
It's one more shift, we're going home,
We've been three weeks on Maria Doug,
And we're all Vancouver bound.
There's lots of work for all to do, on a west coast tug when she's out at sea,
The deck Apes keep our line in tow, Piggy makes our food,
Black Gangers keep our engine tuned, as we pull across the stormy brine,
And Skipper steers a course that's true, till we all safe return.
It's been 3 weeks since we've been gone, and I wonder if my kids have grown,
As we pulled lumber, salt, and chips, out on the west coast run,
What sailor's yarns I'll have to spin, of an epic voyage and where we've been,
Oh tell us won't you please Daddy, your stories of the sea.
So I'll sit my children by the fire and tell of storms and snapping wires,
Of waves as high as Grandma’s house, and about the tug boat mouse,
I'll tell of gales and mighty whales, of trees so high they touched the sky,
And how we dragged them out at sea, and how it used to be.
Down Juan de Fuca and Georgia Straight, to the river now let's not be late,
For we've ten days off and it won't seem long, till were on the chuck once more,
And though the work is hard and the hours tough, we're wet and cold when the salt is rough,
The money's good, so damn the hours, its a sailors life for me.

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