Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
November 2000 Song Of The Month


  'Twas a cold an' dreary mornin' in December, December
  An' all of me money it was spent, Spent, spent
  Where it went to, Lord I can't remember, Remember
  So down to the shipping office I went, Went, went
  Paddy lay back, Paddy lay back
  Take in yer slack, take in yer slack
  Take a turn around yer capstan, heave a pawl, heave a pawl
  'Bout ship, stations, boys, be handy, be handy
  For we're bound for Valparaiser 'round the Horn!
  That day there was a great demand for sailors, For sailors
  For the colonies and for Frisco and for France, France, France
  So I shipped aboard a Limey barque the Hotspur, The Hotspur
  An' got paralytic drunk on my advance, 'Vance, 'vance
  I woke up in the mornin' sick an' sore, And Sore
  An' I knew I was outward bound again, Bound again
  When I heard a voice a-bawlin' at the door, The door
  "Lay aft, men, an' answer to yer names!", Names, names
  So down upon me knees I went like thunder, Like Thunder
  Put me hand into the bottom of the box, Box, box
  An' what was my great surprise an' wonder, Wonder
  Found only a bottle of medicine for the pox, Pox, pox

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