Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
June 2004 Song Of The Month


Was you ever in Rio Grande?
Heave away for Rio!

It's there that the river flows down golden sand!
And we're bound for the Rio Grande!

Then away, boys, away,
Away down Rio,
Fare thee well, my pretty young girl,
We're bound for the Rio Grande.
So It's pack up your sea-chest an' get underway,
The girls we are leavin' can have our half-pay
Our ship went sailin' over the bar,
We've pointed her bow to the southern stars.
You Liverpool Judies, we'll have you to know,
We're bound to the south'ard and glad for to go.
We're a Liverpool ship & a Liverpool crew,
You can stick to the coast but I'm damned if we do!
Goodbye to Ellen & Molly & Sue,
You Park Lane Judies, it's goodbye to you.

Taken from Shanty Seattle

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