Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
December 1999 - Song Of The Month


© Words and Music - Mary Benson - 1989

 Sail away, sail away
 Johnny's going home today
 Sail away, sail away
 Johnny's going home.
Met him on a fine spring day
Sailed his ship into our bay
Came ashore and made his way
Said no words of sailing home.
Stole my heart, he stole the key
Gave a promise to love only me
But now he's going, he says I'm free
All he thinks of is going home.
Think I'll go down to the sea
Walk along the lonely quay
Now there's nothing left here for me
Lovely Johnny has gone back home.
So beware, all sisters mine,
Of sailor lads so young and fine,
For soon they'll leave you lone to pine,
When they leave to go back home.

Posted With Permission - 1999/12/05.
Recorded on St Elmo's Choir tape "Syrens" 1991 and on William Pint & Felicia Dale's "Heart's Of Gold" CD, Waterbug 1994.

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