Victoria Nautical Song Circle's
December 2003 Song Of The Month


I shipped on board of the Ebeneezer
Every day was scrub and grease 'er.
Send us aloft to scrape 'er down
And if we growl they'll knock us down
Oh, get along boys, get along, do.
Handy, m'boys, be handy.
Get along boys, get along, do.
Handy, m'boys, be handy.
The Old Man was a drunken geezer
Couldn't sail the Ebeneezer
Learn't his trade on a Chinese junk
Spent most of his time, sir, in his bunk
Our first mate's name was Dickie Green, sir,
The dirtiest bugger you've ever seen, sir!
Walking the quarter in a bucko cap,
He thought himself no common chap.
A Boston buck was second greaser,
He used to ship in Limejuice greasers.
But the Limey packets got too hot;
So he made a jump at the Boston dock.
The Bosun came from Tenessee, sir
He always wore a Blackball cheeser
He had a girl in every port
At least that's what his missus thought
The Ebeneezer was so old, sir
She knew Columbus as a boy, sir
'Twas pump her, bullies, night and day
To help her get to Liverpool Bay
We had no spuds for our dinner,
As sure as I'm a living sinner;
Our bread was tough as any brass
And our meat was as salty as Lot's wife's ass

Taken from Shanteymen and Shantyboys, by Doerflinge with verses 2, 5 and 6 added from Hugill

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