Botany B.C. 2001 | Information Package | Registration Form

BOTANY B.C. -- 2001 -- Smithers

Registration Form



City/Town___________________________ Postal Code______________________

Phone____________________________ Email______________________________

Camping at Glenwood Hall (Yes/No)________________

Staying elsewhere (Yes/No) ________ Where (if known)______________________

Need help with transportation around Smithers area? (please give details)_________


Willing to provide transportation (4-WD not necessary) _______________________

For how many people?___________________________

Need information about N.W. Field School courses?_____________________

Registration Fee enclosed: $___________________

(Before March 31 = $95.00; after = $105.00; deadline/cutoff = June 30, 2001)

Banquet (optional) -- Saturday night - $25.00/person; please include payment with registration

Number of banquet tickets required__________________________

Packed Lunch on Sunday, July 29th; please include payment ($8.00/lunch) with registration:

Number of Sunday lunches required___________________________

Please mail registration form and fee to:

Rosamund Pojar, P.O. Box 3089, Smithers, BC, V0J 2N0.