Don't Ignore Quota Warnings!

> On Sun, 2 Apr 1995, a user wrote:
> I can't delete my mail so that I will fall under quota. Help!


User's home directories are on /opt/csuite/home. User's can delete files from their /opt/csuite/home directory if they are over their "limit".

Email and your /opt/csuite/home directory

When you send mail, a copy of the email is written to your *home directory* in the mail folder Sent-mail. If there is insufficient space in your *home directory* to write this file within your "limit", or if you have EXPIRED the week grace period to get back under your "quota", this file write will fail and you will get an error message on the screen.

News and your /opt/csuite/home directory

When you read News, the newsreader Tin updates your "current news reading" status - articles you have read or posted. These updates require a file to be written.
If you are close to your "limit", the attempt to update this file will fail and your "current news reading" status will be lost - including your subscribed newsgroups list.
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