Selecting your Terminal Emulation

As part of the login routine you are asked to specify your preferred terminal (emulation) type. A default terminal type will be shown. This document also explains how to change your default terminal emulation.

We strongly recommend VT-100...

It is strongly recommended that you use a proper VT-100 terminal emulation. This is the default terminal type for Victoria Telecommunity Network and will result in the best results (provided your communications software uses a close match to the official VT-100 standard).

Other VT-xxx terminal emulations will also usually work. If you are using VT-200 you should tell VTN to use VT-200 also.

Other terminal emulations may also work. You should always try to set both your software and the VTN software to the same emulation. If VTN does not support the terminal emulation that you need to use you may have to experiment with the various terminal emulations available at Victoria Telecommunity Network to find the one that works best with your software.

Changing your default terminal type

You can change your default terminal type by using the VTN shortcut command go terminal

The default terminal type will take effect the next time you login.

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