The Help Desk Has Areas of Critical Need

Help Us Help You

The Documentation Team has current projects in several important areas. Your contribution in this work would be greatly appreciated and a valuable contribution to the users of Victoria Telecommunity Network.

Your assistance as a Volunteer is an very important resource for Victoria Telecommunity Network but this does not mean we have to be the most time-consuming or most important activity you undertake. Much of what you see on VTN was accomplished a little at a time, over a period of weeks. You can decide whether to work independently or in collaboration with others. What you contribute will be enjoyed by hundreds of other users and may well be used by other community nets around the world. Despite this incredible potential, volunteering can be very simple and not overly demanding.

If you are not sure how to start, what to start on or what we need, start by looking around the Help Desk for the things you use most or perhaps that you would like to learn. Is there something we don't explain or that you can explain better about what interests you? A VTN user becomes comfortable, even adept at such things as mail within a few months. You have more experience than you think, so share it with the next person and learn more.

Do you use news on VTN? Would you like to learn how? Explore the newsgroups if you are not already familiar. Try writing a document that explains step by step how to post news or perhaps how netnews works. If you don't know html yet, you can still create a document and let someone else show you how to quickly do the "markup". Did you know that we have how-to materials on line for using html? Find them at the Help Desk.

Explore the Internet and let us know when you find how-to information that is useful to Victoria Telecommunity Network users.

Some examples of what VTN needs people to do:

Remember that you can collaborate with someone!

Got an idea? Send mail to the documentation team

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