Andy's Comic Book Site

Andy's Comic Book Site

Grand Opening: Aug 12/98
Last Update: Aug 1/01
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Hi, my name is Andy E. Nystrom, and welcome to my comic book web site. My proudest achievement thus far is the site on Canada and comics but I am including other comic related info as well.

This page is mostly about comics but I do have plans to cover a few non-comics stuff as well (note the link at the bottom of this page).

Thus far there are five Wings to my site, plus a little page about me:

Canada and Comics Canadian titles, superheroes, and more! Updated Feb. 25/00
My Marvel Page Archie Meets the Punisher, Scourge, Marvel Roman Numerals, Marvel Book of the Dead? Updated Feb 26/00
My DC page DC Roman Numerals, DC Universe Hall of Fame Updated Feb 26/00
Reviews of Books About Comics NEW for Mar/99
Links to various comic book related sites on the web and subscription addresses for mailing lists (Updated Aug 1/01)
About me

Haven't had as much time to finish the fanfic story as originally anticipated so I've removed the links to the first two parts until such a time that I can do the story justice