RUN: 4 issues
KEY CREATORS: Mark Gruenwald (writer) ___ (artist)
OUTLINE: Vagabond, fleeing from the Scourge organization after failing to perform a hit as the newest Scourge, enlists US Agent's help in shutting down the organization. We get numerous flashbacks to the pasts of USAgent and the Scourges
STANDOUT/DUD ISSUES: As with many titles that only last four issues, none really
OVERALL: This is not one of the great stories of all time, but it's solidly crafted throughout. Some interesting details of Walker's past, and many of the loose ends of the Scourge story are tied up. Unfortunately at least one is created in the process: we see a derelict killed in a flashback by a Scourge, but we never learn which villain the derelict used to be.
 The identity of the financier of the Scourge organization, though not really forshadowed earlier in the story but rather is simoply brought in near then end, is still a pleasant surprise. I won't blow the secret for people considering buying the series, but the character in question is certainly blood thirsty enough in past appearances to finance the Scourges.
 Since Scourge's stock and trade is killing super-villains, it's a tiny bit disappointing that there were only two killings ((the derelict and Blowtorch Brand), but that's a minor point. Essentially the story is a nice tale of the heroes hunting the villains and vice versa, with some interesting back story thrown in. Not up there with Squadron Supreme, but a solid mini-series regardless.
 CONTINUITY NOTES: One final Scourge loose end, the Red Skull's involvement with the Scourges, is not covered here. Marvel Universe Masters clairifies this point however.
 Sadly, while some other writer may come up with whom the derelict killed was, Gruenwald's own answer to that question has probably gone with him to the grave
NOTE: This mini-series is further discussed in various points in my  Scourge pages