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Justice Is Served!: The Scourge Site

Site opened Aug 19/98 Last update Apr. 23/00

This site is devoted to Scourge, the organization of super-villain killers (posing as a single person) who embarked on a killing spree mostly in 1986 comic comics, cumulating in a massacre in a bar in Captain America v2#320. Scourge typically wore a disguise, targeted a super-villain, and shot them to death with a sawed off shot gun containing explosive ammo.

Currently In Thunderbolts there is a new Scourge running around with different methods, though s/he still kills super-villains and declares "Justice is Served!" This Scourge is not yet covered, but will be once the storyline ends and the pieces are all in place. As yet it's not clear how if at all this Scourge is connected to previous versions.

Victims of Scourge

People in the Scourge Organization

Survivors of a Scourge Assassination Attempt

In Depth Look at Scourge's Appearances (added Nov. 6/99)

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (various editions; particularly Scourge's entry in the Masters Edition)

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