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Note: Some titles not specifically devoted to history, but with articles or references to articles on British Columbia history, are also listed here.

The British Columbia Digital Library is an international guide to digital collections of electronic publications (books and serials in digital facsimile [images] or hypertext form) with an emphasis on BC and Canadian content. Date updated: 2002.10.25.

The Canadian Association of Learned Journals=Association canadienne des revues savantes (Ottawa, ON) maintains a linked list of all member publications.

The Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network (CESN) is an initiative of Canada's SchoolNet, an Industry Canada project.

The International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication (ICAAP, Athabasca University, Alberta) is a Canadian initiative to provide a non-commercial publishing medium for online scholarly publication.

Check the Victoria Telecommunity Network's Hypertext/media Magazine & Newspaper Collections via World-Wide Web for global, comprehensive sites and individual Canadian titles.



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