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Canada Computes Book Review Column, June, 1996

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to CD-ROM", John Pivovarnick

"Quick Reference to Computer Graphics Terms", Robert T. Stevens

"Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats", Murray/vanRyper

"Internet File Formats", Tim Kientzle

"Virtual Reality", Alan Wexelblat ed.

"Virtual Reality and the Exploration of Cyberspace", Hamit

"Garage Virtual Reality", Linda Jacobson

"The World Wide Web Complete Reference", Rick Stout

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to the World Wide Web", Peter Kent

"World Wide Web Journal", Tim Berners-Lee

"Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML", Laura Lemay

"HTML CD for Windows", Neou/Recker

"The Internet Publishing Handbook", Mike Franks

"The VRML Sourcebook", Ames/Nadeau/Moreland

"Net Games", Michael Wolff

"Seeing the Unseen", Roger Bruce

"Way of the Clans", Thurston

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