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"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Word for Windows", Jennifer Fulton

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPerfect", McFedries

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to WordPerfect for Windows", Paul McFedries

"ClarisWorks Companion", Sosinsky

"Corel WordPerfect Suite 8", Alan Neibauer

"Hacker's Guide to Word For Windows", Leonhard/Chen

"Lotus Notes Answers", Polly Kornblith

"Lotus Notes Certification: Application Development and System Administration", Thomas/Peasley

"The Macintosh Bible Guide to Word 6", Maria Langer

"Mac, Word & Excel", Tom Lichty

"Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit", Microsoft

"Office 97 Annoyances", Woody Leonhard/Lee Hudspeth/T. J. Lee

" Writer", Jean Hollis Weber

"Special Edition Using Microsoft Word 97", Bill Camarda

"Success With Excel for Windows", Wyatt

"Teach Yourself Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 in 10 Minutes", Patrick Grote

"The Underground Guide to Word for Windows", Leonhard

"The Underground Guide to Excel 5.0 for Windows", Hudspeth/Lee

"Using Microsoft Office 97", Ed Bott

"The Visual Guide to Microsoft Access", Bruce/Madoni/Wolf

"Word 6 for Windows Essentials", Geoffrey Mandel

"Word 97 Annoyances", Woody Leonhard/Lee Hudspeth/T. J. Lee

"The WordPerfect 6 Print & Presentation Kit", Solomon

"The Word Book for Macintosh Users", Engst

"Word for Windows 6 Solutions", Marmel

"Running Microsoft Works 3 for the PC", Rubin

"Running Microsoft Works 3 for the Apple Macintosh", Charles Rubin

"Word for Windows 95 Quick and Easy", Christian Crumlish

"Excel 4 for Windows", Martin Matthews/Stephanie Seymour

"Excel 5 for Windows Spreadsheet Databases", Dranchak

"Excel 5 Super Book", McFedries

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