Macintosh Platform

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"The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Mac", John Pivovarnick

"The Cult of Mac", Leander Kahney

"Crossing Platforms", Adam Engst/David Pogue

"The Dead Mac Scrolls", Pina

"Dr. Macintosh", LeVitus/Love

"Desperately Seeking Solutions", Kerwien

"Everything you wanted to know about the Mac", Hanson

"Frontier: The Definitive Guide", Matt Neuburg

"The Little Mac Book", Williams

"The Macintosh Bible", Naiman et al

"Macintosh First Aid Kit", Kerwien

"This is the Mac. It's supposed to be Fun!", Arthur Naiman/John Kadyk

"Mac Power Toolkit", Langer

"MacsBug Reference and Debugging Guide", Apple Computer

"Guide to the Macintosh Underground", LeVitus/Fraase

"The Mac User's PC/The PC User's Mac", Marmel

"Macs 4 Morons", Boyce

"The Mac Bathroom Reader", Owen W. Linzmayer

"Macintosh Crash Course", Brown

"Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide", Chuck Toporek

"Mac OS X Security", Bruce Potter/Preston Norvell/Brian Wotring

"Mac Programming for Dummies", Dan Parks Sydow

"Mac, Word & Excel", Tom Lichty

"The Mac OS X Command Line", Kirk McElhearn

"Mac OS X Bible", Lon Poole/Dennis R. Cohen/Steve Burnett

"Mac OS X in a Nutshell", Jason McIntosh/Chuck Toporek/Chris Stone

"Mac OS X Panther Hacks", Rael Dornfest/James Duncan Davidson

"Mac OS X for Unix Geeks", Brian Jepson/Ernest E. Rothman/Rich Rosen

"Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual", David Pogue

"The Myth of Homeland Security", Marcus J. Ranum

"New and Improved Stupid Mac Tricks", LeVitus

"On the Road", Michael Prochak

"Programming the PowerPC", Dan Parks Sydow

"ResEdit Complete", Alley/Strange

"Revolution in the Valley", Andy Hertzfeld

"Sad Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters", Landau

"Son of Stupid Mac Tricks", Bob LeVitus

"The Tao of AppleScript", Schneider

"Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS 9 in 24 Hours", Rita Lewis. 2000

"Using Your Mac", Todd Stauffer

"The Macintosh Bible What Do I Do Now Book", Rubin

"Yakety Mac: the Telecom Tome", Rubin

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