General Texts and UNIX Security

(maintained by Rob Slade)

"Security+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide", Gregory White

"Absolute PC Security and Privacy", Michael Miller

"Access Denied", Cathy Cronkhite/Jack McCullough

"Always Use Protection", Dan Appleman

"Authentication: From Passwords to Public Keys", Richard E. Smith

"Beautiful Security", Andy Oram/John Viega

"Basics of Computer Security", Bellcore

"Building a Secure Computer System", Gasser

"Beyond Fear", Bruce Schneier

"Cyber Crime", Laura E. Quarantiello

"The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices", Julia H. Allen

"The CISM Prep Guide", Ronald L. Krutz/Russell Dean Vines

"Governance Guidebook", Fred Cohen

"The CISO Handbook", Mike Gentile/Ron Collette/Tom August

"Computer Communications Security", Ford

"Computer Crime: a Crimefighter's Handbook", Icove/Seger/VonStorch

"Computer Security: Art and Science", Matt Bishop

"Computer Security Basics", Russell/Gangemi

"Computer Related Crime", Neumann

"Computer Security Fundamentals", Chuck Easttom

"Computer Security Handbook", 2002

"Computer Security for the Home and Small Office", Thomas C. Greene

"Computer Security: Principles and Practice", William Stallings/Lawrie Brown

"Computer Security", Dieter Gollmann

"Computer & Communications Security", James Arlin Cooper

"Corporate Computer and Network Security", Raymond R. Panko

"Corporate Espionage", Ira Winkler

"Counter Hack", Ed Skoulis

"93 Computer Security Products Buyers Guide", CSI

"Unix System Security - A Guide for Users and System Administrators", Curry

"DCE Security Programming", Wei Hu

"Computers Under Attack", Denning

"Defend I.T.", Ajay Gupta/Scott Laliberte

"Defending Your Digital Assets", Randall K. Nichols/Daniel J. Ryan/Julie J. C. H. Ryan

"Effective Security Management", Charles A. Sennewald

"The Executive Guide to Information Security", Mark Egan/Tim Mather

"Enterprise Information Systems Assurance and System Security", Merrill Warkentin/Rayford Vaughn

"Enterprise Information Security", Peter Gregory

"Endpoint Security", Mark S. Kadrich

"Enterprise Security for the Executive", Jennifer L. Bayuk

"Essential Computer Security", Tony Bradley

"Enterprise Security", David Leon Clark

"Unix System Security", Farrow

"Fighting Computer Crime", Donn B. Parker

"FISMA Certification and Accreditation Handbook", Laura Taylor

"The GSEC Prep Guide", Mike Chapple

"Hackers Beware", Eric Cole

"Hackers: Crime in the Digital Sublime", Paul A. Taylor

"Hacking Exposed", Stuart McClure/Joel Scambray/George Kurtz

"Hacker Proof", Lars Klander

"Halting the Hacker", Donald L. Pipkin

"Hack Proofing Your Identity in the Information Age", Teri Bidwell

"How to Cheat at Managing Information Security", Mark Osborne

"Have You Locked the Castle Gate", Brian Shea

"Information Assurance", Joseph G. Boyce/Dan W. Jennings

"Internet and Intranet Security Management", Lech Janczewski

"Information Insecurity", Eduardo Gelbstein/Ahmad Kamal

"Information Warfare", Michael Erbschloe

"Inside Internet Security", Jeff Crume

"Information Security Awareness Basics", Fred Cohen

"Internet Security Dictionary", Vir V. Phoha

"Information Security and Ethics", Marian Quigley

"Information Security Management Handbook", Harold F. Tipton/Micki Krause

"Inside the Security Mind", Kevin Day

"Information Security Management", Gurpreet Dhillon

"Information Security: Principles and Practice", Mark Stamp

"Into the Breach", Michael J. Santarcangelo

"Intrusion Detection", Edward G. Amoroso

"Information Warfare and Security", Dorothy Denning

"Intrusion Detection", Terry Escamilla

"Information Security Best Practices", George L. Stefanek

"Information Security and Employee Behaviour", Angus McIlwraith

"Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards", Thomas R. Peltier

"Information Security Policies Made Easy", Wood

"The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide", Gerald L. Kovacich

"Information Security", Donald L. Pipkin

"I-Way Robbery", William C. Boni/Gerald L. Kovacich

"LAN Times Guide to Security and Data Integrity", Farley/Stearns/Hsu

"Linux Security Cookbook", Daniel J. Barrett/Richard E. Silverman/Robert G. Byrnes

"Managing Knowledge Security", Kevin C. Desouza

"Maximum Security", Anonymous

"Mac OS X Security", Bruce Potter/Preston Norvell/Brian Wotring

"Managing Information Security Risks", Christopher Alberts/Audrey Dorofee

"Mike Meyers' Certification Passport CISSP", Shon Harris

"Mike Meyers' Security+ Certification Passport", Trevor Kay

"Netspionage: The Global Threat to Information", William Boni/Gerald L. Kovacich

"Windows NT Server 4 Security Handbook", Lee Hadfield/Dave Hatter/Dave Bixler

"Official (ISC)^2 Guide to the CISSP Exam", Susan Hansche/John Berti/Chris Hare

"Operational Risk: Regulation, Analysis, and Management", Carol Alexander

"PC Fear Factor", Alan Luber

"PC Pest Control", Preston Gralla

"A Practical Guide to Managing Information Security", Steve Purser

"Perfect Passwords", Mark Burnett

"Principles of Information Security", Michael E. Whitman/Herbert J. Mattord

"Protection and Security on the Information Superhighway", Cohen

"Practical UNIX Security", Garfinkel/Spafford

"Practical UNIX and Internet Security", Garfinkel/Spafford

"Privacy Defended", Gary Bahadur/William Chan/Chris Weber

"Research Directions in Database Security", Lunt (ed.)

"Role-Based Access Control", David F. Ferraiolo/D. Richard Kuhn/Ramaswamy Chandramouli

"Safe and Secure", Arman Danesh/Ali Mehrassa/Felix Lau

"Secrets of Computer Espionage", Joel McNamara

"Secure Computing: Threats and Safeguards", Rita C. Summers

"Securing Information and Communications Systems", Steven Furnell et al

"Security in Computing", Pfleeger

"The Security Risk Assessment Handbook", Douglas J. Landoll

"Security+ Training Guide", Todd King

"Security+ Certification for Dummies", Lawrence Miller/Peter Gregory

"Security+ Prep Guide", Ronald L. Krutz/Russell Dean Vines

"Security+ Study Guide and DVD Training System", Michael Cross et al

"Securing Business Information", F. Christian Byrnes/Dale Kutnick

"Security Engineering", Ross Anderson

"Security Governance", Fred Cohen

"Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World", Bruce Schneier

"Security Warrior", Cyrus Peikari/Anton Chuvakin

"The Secured Enterprise", Paul E. Proctor/F. Christian Byrnes

"The SSCP Prep Guide", Debra S. Isaac/Michael J. Isaac

"Security+ Study Guide", Michael Pastore

"Spies Among Us", Ira Winkler

"Steal This Computer Book", Wallace Wang

"Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box", Ryan Russell et al

"Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent", Ryan Russell

"Tangled Web", Richard Power

"Time Based Security", Winn Schwartau

"The Underground Guide to Computer Security", Michael Alexander

"UNIX Installation Security and Integrity", Ferbrache/Shearer

"UNIX Security: A Practical Tutorial", N. Derek Arnold

"UNIX System Security Tools", Seth Ross

"White Hat Security Arsenal", Aviel D. Rubin

"Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Security, Audit, and Control", James G. Jumes et al

"Writing Information Security Policies", Scott Barman

"The Year 2000 Problem Solver", Bryce Ragland

"Introduction to Security Technologies", Michael P. Ressler/Charles Blauner

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