Antivirus Plus activity monitor
Antivirus activity monitor
AVAST! Modular multilayered antiviral
AntiVirus Toolkit Pro
Certus LAN multilayered antiviral
PC-Cillin change detection
Central Point Anti-Virus multilayered (basis for Microsoft)
Control Room system information program with change detection
Data Physician Plus 3.1A multilayered antiviral
Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit 6.0 multilayered antiviral
DISKSECURE master boot record protection and recovery
Eliminator antiviral scanner
F-Prot version 1 antiviral utilites by Frisk Software
F-Prot version 2 antiviral scanner and disinfector
F-Prot Professional from Command Software
F-Prot Professional from Data Fellows
HyperACCESS 5 comm program with scanning
HS BSI detector
IBM Antivirus/DOS scanner and change detector
IBM antiviral scanner
Integrity Master antiviral change detection and scanner
Immune II (see also PC-Cillin)
InocuLAN by Cheynne, LAN version of IRIS AntiVirus
LANProtect 1.0 NetWare scanner
Mace Vaccine activity monitor
Norton Destop for DOS utility program
Norton Antivirus multilayered
Network Security Organizer by Leprechaun, LAN vulnerability reports
Rising Anti-Viral Card
SafeWord Virus-Safe 1.12 change detection
McAfee Associates scanner related antivirals
Sweep antiviral scanner
Thunderbyte Utilities - multilayered antiviral
Thunderbyte Scan - antiviral scanner
Untouchable - antiviral scanner and change detector
Victor Charlie 5.0 - change detector with "bait"
VAccine version 5.00 - activity monitor with other layering
Virus Defence System - change detection emphasizing system areas
VET - Australian scanner, resident and activity monitor
VirAway 1.46 - scanner
ViruCide Plus 2.41 - scanner and activity monitor
Virex for the PC 2.9 - multilayered
ViruSafe 4.6 - multilayered
Vi-Spy 9.0 Professional - scanner and operation restriction
Virus0Buster - Australian multilayered
Immunizer - hardware antiviral "concept"