Blade and The Fictional World of Archives

Feature Film Release Date (USA): August 19, 1998

Wesley Snipes stars as Blade, half-man, half-vampire, who hunts and slays vampires as revenge for killing his mother.

When Blade finds his way to the underground Archives beneath a Japanese karaoke nightclub, his first words to Karen (N'Bushe Wright), the woman he rescued from a vampire’s bite, are “Some kind of archives.”

How perceptive when all we see are metal cabinets and red lights!

“This must be where they keep their records,” he continues. “Isn’t this just a little high tech?” replies the woman. “They’ve got their claws into everything, politics, finance, real estate, they already own half of downtown” concedes Blade.

Like the invisible archivist in The Avengers (1998 movie), the portrayal of an archivist in Blade evoked some judicious comments on the ARCHIVES mailing list:

the truly Jaba-the-Hut type vision of gobular pasty pustules known as "Pearl", keeper of the Archives!!! I'm sure Archivists everywhere will be overjoyed to know that the stereotypical image of a knurly looking hunchback with bottle-bottom glasses and a perpetually dazed and confused demeanor has now been supplanted by this corpulent mound with a squeaky voice and Kim Basinger-like lips!!! (Terry Hamal, ARCHIVES list, 1998.08.24)

Living in the subterranean archives and being a vampire, Pearl is the unfortunate victim of circumstance and genetics: he (yes, Pearl is a male and played by Eric Edwards) meets a gruesome and tortuous end through the liberal application of a portable ultraviolight projector.

The Vampire Archives display gallery with the original, ancient scroll-like texts suspended from the ceiling and protected by glass panels is subject to utter destruction when Blade is rescued by his human compatriot Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson). This scene, not unlike the chase-battle sequence in Goldeneye, reinforces the notion that archives make excellent sets for mayhem with little regard for the consequences.

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Submitted by David Mattison with contributions from Terry Hamal, 1999.03.23. Updated 1999.06.28.