A MOON Family

In Central Ontario, Canada

My name is Lois MOON. I offer the following "family tree" as part of the Great Family Tree puzzle. I 'm having great fun in adding new pieces to my tree and in meeting new-to-me cousins and probable cousins. If you have any connection to this part of the puzzle I would like to hear from you.

The following is much of the information that I have collected on my MOON ancestors. This family immigrated from Cornwall, UK and began their lives in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada in 1832

Don Hender has an interesting website the includes Cornish MOON families. His website is www.hunterscastle.com/moonhis.htm

Theophilus MOON, of Cornwall, England, and Honour/Honor HAWKEY who married around 1754, are the parents of 8 children including Robert MOON, the father of Henry John MOON and Edmund Joseph MOON who immigrated to Canada in 1832 (Honor's parents were Richard HAWKEY and Mary HOSKIN)

The children of Theophilus MOON & Honour HAWKEY were: Robt b 1755; Joseph b 1757; Margaret b 1758; Henry b 1750; Theophilus b 1762; Charles b 1765; Elizabeth b 1765; William b 1771

Robert Moon (above) c. 30 June 1755 St. Keyne, married Ann Rescorla

I have the names of the descendants of Theophilus Moon b 1787, also the descendents of Henry John Moon [A] and the descendents of Edmund Joseph Moon [B] who immigrated, but I have very little information about the brothers' sibblings. I do, however, have copies of letters sent from England to Sarah Moon, the 4th child of Edmund Joseph Moon, in Craighurst, Ontario. The letters tell us a bit about the others in the family.

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January 2007
Updated 28 Jan 2012 - add a reference to Don Hender's MOON website