Naming the Honourable Artillery Company

In 1668 Richard Elton described this organization as the "Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company of London. This was probably one of the first times that particular label was applied to this organization. The following table lists the various names by which the organization was called before that time (during the period we are interested in.)

Note: "Artillery" at this time refers to anything that shoots including muskets. "Infantry" is a later French adaptation introduced around the begining of the seventeenth century.

Date Authority Designation
1537 Royal Charter Maisters and Rulers and Cominalitie of the Fraternitie or Guylde of Artillary of Longbowes, Crossbowes and Handegonnes
1538 Lease of the Old Artillery Ground ditto
1544 Accounts of Roger Highme, Collector of the rents to King Henry VIII Masters and Governors of the Gunners
1550 Letters Patent of King Edward VI Masters, Governors, Commonalty, Fraternity or Guild of the Mystery of Long-bows, Cross-bows and hand-guns
1551 Augmentation Office Accounts Masters & Governors of the Gunners
1587 Roll of Thomas Lant Cyttizens of London practised in Armes
1588 John Stow Captaines of the Artillery Garden
1612 Order in Council Companie of Cittizens of the Military Yarde
1613 Court of Aldermen Societie practising Armes in the Artillery Garden
1616 Order in Council Societie of Armes, Cittizens of London
1616 Richard Niccols London's Artillery

London's Hopeful Infantrie

1617 Sermon by Thomas Adams Societie of Armes practising in the Artillerie Garden
1622 Order in Council Divers Cittizens of London exercising Armes in the Teazel Ground or Artillery Garden
1623 Sermon by Thomas Sutton, D.D. Gentlemen of Artillery Garden

[I discovered Sutton also used the term, "The Much Honoured Societie of Gentlemen, that exercise Armes in the Artillery Garden Neer London". Duncan.]

1629 John Bingham Martiall Company exercising Arms in the Artillery Ground
1632 Order in Council Companie of the Artillery Yarde

Company of the Artillery Gardens

1632 Royal Warrant Voluntary Company of the Artillery Garden
1634 Order in Council Companie of the Artillery Garden
1634 Secretary of State Military Company of the City of London
1639 William Barriffe Gentlemen of the Artillery Garden
1647 William Barriffe Ancient and Worthy Society exercising Armes in the Artillery Garden

Walker, G. Goold. The Honourable Artillery Company 1537 - 1947. Aldershot, Gale and Polden Ltd, 1954. [ page 24]


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