Scourge Membership

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Alter Ego: John Halloway
Debut: Marvel Comics#1
Comment: a Golden Age hero who was approached to help deal with the criminal element that disgusted him; primary funder; released from jail not long after Scourge operation shut down

Alter Ego:?
Debut: Captain America v1#320
Death: USAgent#4
Comment: Was the major planner/villain finder for the organization; killed in battle with USAgent and Vagabond


SCOURGE I: See Victims; probably responsible for most of the earliest killings

SCOURGE I a: May be the same person as Scourge I (As Marvel Universe Masters claims) but that raises question as to how he was able to fit into feminine body disguise; aka Golddigger. A Golddigger attended a female super-villain meeting, raising the question as to whether Scourge impersonated Gollddigger of if the person at the meeting was a Scourge
Possible Debut: Thing#33

SCOURGE II: see Victims

SCOURGE III : A renegade Scourge who helped Red Skull I claim to have started the organization; killed by Red Skull I
Debut: Captain America v1#347
Death:Captain America v1#394

SCOURGE IV :see victims

SCOURGE V:Priscilla Lyons, aka Vagabond, in an ill thought out plan to make a life as an adventurer for herself. Got cold feet in her first assassination attempt and turned to USAgent for help, leading to the shutting down of Scourge; still alive
Debut:as Lyons:Captain America v1#325; As Vagabond: Captain America v1#336; as Scourge USAgent#1

SCOURGE VI: Caprice, a female Scourge who was captured by USAgent; still alive
Debut: As Caprice USAgent#2, as Scourge USAgent#4

SCOURGE VII:Bloodstain, an enforcer in the organization; killed in battle with USAgent and Vagabond
Debut: As Bloodstain: USAgent#2; As Scourge: USAgent#4
Death: USAgent#4

Note: While someone claiming to be Scourge appeared in Deadly Foes of Spider-Man#4, that was actually a copycat sent by the Kingpin and not an actual Scourge. The copycat shot at Shocker I but didn't kill him

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