Survivors of a Scourge Attack

This list includes people who were never apparently killed to begin with. Ringer and Vamp are covered under Victims. Shocker I is not listed because it was a Kingpin lackey, not an actual Scourge who shot at him. This list includes only people whom the Scourges intended to kill. Scourge I probably never intended to kill Captain America and I'm unsure about USAgent being a real target or just an opponent.

Alter Ego:Frank Schlichting
Debut:Incredible Hulk#212
Attempted hit:Captain America v1#310?
Location of Attempted hit:Hospital 
Scourge's Disguise:Nurse
How Survived:Captain America I's intervention
Comment:Hulk and Power Man II foe

Alter Ego:Sergei Kravenoff
Debut:Amazing Spider-Man#15
Attempted hit:West Coast Avengers#
Location of Attempted Hit:Zoo
Scourge's Disguise:Tourist
How Survived:Too crowded, and Kraven was fighting Tigra
Comment: Spider-Man foe who committed suicide after finally defeated Spider-Man I, then Vermin

Alter Ego:Eugene Thompson
Debut:Amazing Fantasy#15
Attempted Hit:Amazing Spider-Man#277
Location of Attempted Hit:Prison
Scourge's Disguise:Prison Guard
How Survived:Spider-Man I intervened
Comment: A Spider-man supporting character, Flash was mistakenly believed to be the Hobgoblin

Alter Ego:Peter van Zante (Aqueduct)
Debut: Ghost Rider v2#23
Attempted Hit:Captain America v1#319 (revealed 320)
Location of Attempted Hit:Bar With No Name
Scourge's Disguise:Jake the Bartender How Survived:Car broke down so couldn't attend the meeting that Scourge made his massacre at
Comment: Ghost Rider foe; later an anti-hero named Aquaduct who encountered the New Warriors with his teammates, the Force of Nature

Alter Ego:Rachel Leighton
Debut: Captain America v1#309
Attempted Hit:Captain America v1#320
Location of Attempted Hit:Serpent Society ship
Scourge's Disguise:Standard skull hood uniform
How Survived:Ship withstood shots long enough to escape
Comment: Serpent Society member and later Captain America's lover; someone else was with her at the time but I can't remember whom

Alter Ego: Curtis Jackson
Debut: as Curtis: Machine Man v1#6; as PB: Thing#35
Attempted Hit: Captain America v1#358-364
Location of Attempted Hit:His mansion
Scourge II's Disguise:Standard uniform
How Survived:Used Power Broker process on himself, deforming him while making him muscular
Comment: Corporation member (fought Machine Man, Captain America, etc); with Dr Malus, responsible for USAgent, D-Man, etc's augmented strength

Alter Ego:Manuel Eloganto
Debut:Daredevil v1#5
Attempted Hit:USAgent#1
Location of Hit: Matador's home
Scourge V's disguise: Standard uniform
How Survived: Scourge (Lyons) realized he was now a harmless man with a family and showed mercy
Comment:A minor Daredevil foe

Alter Ego/Debut: see under Scourge Roster 
Attempted hits: USAgent#1-4
Location of Hits: LA
Scourges' disguises: standard uniform, civilain clothes, Bloodstain: his bodysuit
How Survived: USAgent's intervention
Comments: Scourges went after her for failing to kill Matador

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