Admission of Rupert's Land & the NWT into the Canadian Union, 1870
Alcohol and the Fur Trade in Rupert's Land
Buffalo Migrations and the Buffalo Hunt, 1858
British Columbia Boosterism -- A 'British' British Columbia
The Canadian Pacific Railway and Western Canadian Settlement
Charter of the Hudson's Bay Company, 2 May 1670
Debate on the Construction of the Grand Trunk Railway
The Depression Years
Financial Position of Immigrants, Order in Council
Immigration Literature, Report of the Superintendent of Immigration
Impact of Railways on Winnipeg
John Palliser's Observations on the Proposed Annexation of Rupert's Land
Manitoba School Question (Laurier-Greenway Compromise)
Metis Bill of Rights, (Canadian Northwest, 1869)
Metis List of Rights, (Canadian Northwest, 1870)
Metis Rebellion and the Amnesty Issue
Petition of Rights (Canadian Northwest, 1884)
Petition of the Halfbreeds of the North-West to Governor Christie, 1845
Governor Christie's Response to the Peoples of the Canadian North-West
Promotion of Steamboat Travel on the Saskatchewan River
Reaction to German Immigrants, Qu'Appelle, Assiniboia, N.W.T., 1894
Rupert's Land Act, 1868
Temporary Government for the Canadian North-West, 1869
York Boats, 19th Century