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For those of you familiar with the book review columns that I write for "TeleManagement" and the various editions of "Canada Computes", here are the full reviews for the books mentioned in those columns.

Jargon and Terminology (Canada Computes, April, 1996)

History of Computers (Canada Computes, May, 1996)

Multimedia (Canada Computes, June, 1996)

Data Security and Protection (Canada Computes, July, 1996)

Introductions to Telephony (TeleManagement, July, 1996)

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (TeleManagement, September, 1996)

Data Communications Classics(TeleManagement, October, 1996)

Internet, part 1(TeleManagement, November, 1996)

Internet, part 2(TeleManagement, January, 1997)

Fiction(TeleManagement, February, 1997)

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)(TeleManagement, March, 1997) slade@vifa1%

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