Computer and Technical History

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"Accidental Empires", Robert X. Cringely

"Apple Confidential", Owen W. Linzmayer

"Building IBM", Emerson W. Pugh

"Beyond Calculation", Peter J. Denning/Robert M. Metcalfe

"Calculating Machines", Hartree

"The Cambridge Quintet", John L. Casti

"The Closed World", Paul N. Edwards

"Community Networks", Andrew Michael Cohill/Andrea Lee Kavanaugh

"Digital At Work", Pearson

"Does Technology Drive History?", Smith/Marx

"Dvorak Predicts", John Dvorak

"Einstein: A Life", Brian

"Great Ideas in Computer Science", Alan W. Biermann

"Howard Aiken: Portrait of a Computer Pioneer", I. Bernard Cohen

"History of Programming Languages", Wexelblat

"History of Programming Languages", Bergin/Gibson

"A History of Modern Computing", Paul E. Ceruzzi

"Inventing the Internet", Janet Abbate

"Knowing Machines", MacKenzie

"LEO", David Caminer/John Aris/Peter Hermon/Frank Land

"The Mac Bathroom Reader", Owen W. Linzmayer

"Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer", Michael White

"Overdrive: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace", James Wallace

"Shutting Down the National Dream", Greig Stewart

"History of the Personal Computer", Veit

"What Computers Still Can't Do", Dreyfus

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